Cincinnati Bengals Final Draft Report Card

OT Anthony Collins (4), LB Keith Rivers (1), DT Pat Sims (3), WR Jerome Simpson (2), all project as starters in 09. DS Corey Lynch (6), WR Andre Caldwell (3), have the skills to contribute while DT Jason Shirley (5), WR Mario Urrutia (7) and TE Matt Sherry (6) are living on borrowed time,

Cincinnati Bengals Grade -C NO RD Name Pos School HT WT 40 Grade
6 1 Smith, Andre OG Alabama 6040v 332v 5.36v 1.171
38 2 Maualuga, Rey IB USC 6016v 249v 4.87v 1.232
70 3 Johnson, Michael DE Georgia Tech 6067v 266v 4.71v 1.233
98 3 Coffman, Chase TE Missouri 6056v 244v 4.91v 1.372
106 4 Luigs, Jonathan OC Arkansas 6035v 301v 5.16v 1.533
142 5 Huber, Kevin PT Cincinnati 6007v 221v 4.91v 1.550
179 6 Trent, Morgan DC Michigan 6005v 193v 4.51v 1.900
209 6 Scott, Bernard RB Abilene Christian 5102v 200v 4.47v 1.432
215 7 Vakapuna, Fui RB BYU 5112v 242v 4.83v 1.900
249 7 McDonald, Clinton DT Memphis 6015v 283v 4.91v 1.900
252 7 Brown, Fred WR Utah 6034v 213v 4.61v 1.800
p> André Smith literally scares me to death! His lack of commitment, consistency, conditioning, finish, and ability handling the speed rush would concern me greatly if I were making the call. Second round selection Rey Maualuga is a short area two down inside guy, who I struggled outside of the tackle box. Based on his physical attributes Georgia Tech's Michael Johnson should have been as dominant a player as there was in the country, but he was a far cry from it based on my exposure. I liked the pick at 70, but it's going to take both time and patience. Chase Coffman has the receiving skills of Former Bengals star Dan Ross, but he can't block and his speed is very suspect. Luigs was a major disappointment to me; his contact balance, sustain and use of hands was disappointing and certainly not what I expected. I liked local punters Kevin Huber's leg mechanics and consistency. Bernard is a smooth instinctive runner with excellent hands, but typical of all Bengals drafts, they tend to overlook most off the field concerns. Clinton McDonald was an excellent seventh round selection in my opinion. He had an ankle injury early in the season that impeded him some, but overall I really liked what I saw from this inside prospect. Physically he looks a great deal like former Eagles top selection Brodrick Bunkley. He competes very hard, was adequate at the point and I believe he could develop into a productive rotational pass rusher. I just don't get the drafting of Michigan corner Morgan Trent. He has nice size and good speed, but he was stiff in the hips, wasn't physical (no run game help) and showed little in the way of ball skills. Fast Freddy Brown is a big target with good dexterity and hands, but his one big problem is that he just isn't very fast.

FASTEST TO PRO BOWL: Michael Johnson
BEST IN 3 YEARS: Michael Johnson
OVERRATED: Jonathan Luigs
UNDERRATED: Bernard Scott
PROJECT: Michael Johnson
BEST COLLEGE F.A.: Quan Cosby (WR)
HUH?: Andre Smith

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