Dallas Cowboys Final Draft Report Card

Although only corner Michael Jenkins (1), is projected as a regular in 2009, I felt the Cowboys had a great deal of quality players emerge in 08. TE Martellus Bennett (2), RB Felix Jones (1), DC Orlando Scandrick (5), and RB Tashard Choice (4) are all talented and game ready athletes.

Dallas Cowboys Grade - C- NO RD Name Pos School HT WT 40 Grade
69 3 Williams, Jason OB Western Illinois 6012v 238v 4.51v 1.370
75 3 Brewster, Robert OT Ball St 6042v 325v 5.32v 1.642
101 4 McGee, Stephen QB Texas A&M 6027v 225v 4.66v 1.483
110 4 Butler, Victor OB Oregon St 6021v 241v 4.72v 1.571
120 4 Williams, Brandon DE Texas Tech 6024v 261v 4.98v 1.572
143 5 Smith, DeAngelo DC Cincinnati 5105v 194v 4.62v 1.674
166 5 Hamlin, Michael DS Clemson 6020v 214v 4.61v 1.641
172 5 Buehler, David KO USC 6016v 227v 4.62v 1.621
197 6 Hodge, Stephen DS TCU 5115v 234v 4.59v 1.800
208 6 Phillips, John TE Virginia 6053v 251v 4.81v 1.672
227 7 Mickens, Mike DC Cincinnati 5114v 184v 4.62v 1.610
229 7 Johnson, Manuel WR Oklahoma 5107v 189v 4.54v 1.800

The Cowboys didn't pick till round number three and caused a few eyebrows to raise with the selection of Western Illinois linebacker Jason Williams. I personally like the selection and believe he'll become a household name in the not to distant future. By the same token, many people really like second selection tackle Robert Brewster. He's a big dancing bear, but he is going to need to get a good deal stronger and re-shape his body. In my opinion, he is strictly a right tackle or guard prospect. Butler is a developing player who should help upgrade the Cowboys special teams. After showing some early progress quarterback Stephen McGee, do in part to injuries, has been slow to develop. He certainly is an athlete, but I was disappointed in his stroke, accuracy and throwing delivery. Beyond that point I really liked Buehller' leg on kickoffs and I really believe Phillips best football days are still ahead of him. Both corners (Smith and Mickens) from the U of Cincinnati have flashed during their careers, but both have speed limitations. I thought Smith was a little tight, but has versatility and was an adequate returner. Mickens has good hands, ball skills and awareness, but does not have a lot of juice and struggled to become 180 pounds. TCU's Stephen Hodge is still another special teams candidate and developing inside backer.

QUICKEST TO START: Robert Brewster
FASTEST TO PRO BOWL: Robert Brewster
BEST IN 3 YEARS: Jason Williams
OVERRATED: DeAngelo Smith
UNDERRATED: Jason Williams
PROJECT: John Phillips
BEST COLLEGE F.A.: Kevin Ogletree (WR)
TOP TALENT SCOUT: Drew Fabianich
HUH?: David Buehler

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