Detroit Lions Final Draft Report Card

What does it say when a club loses 16 games and only two rookies considered fulltime starters (Gosder Cherilus and Kevin Smith). Nose tackle Landon Cohen (7), DT Andre Fluellen (3), DE Cliff Avril (3), LB Jordan Dizon (2), and FB Jerome Felton (5) all need to step up as second year professionals.

Detroit Lions Grade - B- NO RD Name Pos School HT WT 40 Grade
1 1 Stafford, Matthew QB Georgia 6022v 225v 4.83v 1.100
20 1 Pettigrew, Brandon TE Oklahoma St 6053v 263v 4.83v 1.153
33 2 Delmas, Louis DS W Michigan 5113v 202v 4.54v 1.223
76 3 Levy, DeAndre OB Wisconsin 6016v 236v 4.62v 1.653
82 3 Williams, Derrick WR Penn St 5114v 194v 4.57v 1.291
115 4 Hill, Sammie Lee DT Stillman 6037v 329v 5.15v 1.753
192 6 Brown, Aaron RB TCU 6004v 200v 4.51v 1.800
228 7 Murtha, Lydon OT Nebraska 6070v 306v 4.87v 1.692
235 7 Follett, Zack OB California 6017v 236v 4.72v 1.351
255 7 Gronkowski, Dan TE Maryland 6054v 255v 4.81v 1.900

Stafford has all of the physical qualities one could ever want in a franchise quarterback, but I just don't see him contributing quickly at the professional level. Brandon Pettigrew is a great looking athlete and without question the closest thing to a complete tight end in the country. He's going to have to dance every dance, but I really see a bright future ahead for him. Dalmas is a big athlete who will collision on the inside. Levy is an athletic backer with range and good playing instincts. Derrick Williams is without question an enigma. He has a lot of athletic ability, is versatile and caught the football well, but I didn't think he got open especially well versus the zone and lacks the vertical burst to separate deep consistently. Sammie Lee Hill is big and talented, but needs to learn to play with leverage, use his hands better and pursue more consistent chase plays. He's not ready yet, but down the line this guy could develop into a solid inside guy. I was mildly surprised he wasn't drafted sooner, but with just one functioning kidney and lower back problems, I'm sure that all of these factors came into play

FRANCHISE PICK: Matthew Stafford
QUICKEST TO START: Brandon Pettigrew
FASTEST TO PRO BOWL: Brandon Pettigrew
BEST IN 3 YEARS: Brandon Pettigrew
OVERRATED: Derrick Williams
PROJECT: Sammie Lee Hill

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