Indianapolis Colts Final Draft Report Card

Other than Mike Pollak and projected starter Philip Wheeler the Colts 08 draft was at best mediocre. Richard, Justice , Santi, Tamme, Howard and Garcon look like back up performers. Running back Mike Hart the tough undersized back from U of Michigan is not likely to stick with the club in 09.

Indianapolis Colts Grade -C- NO RD Name Pos School HT WT 40 Grade
27 1 Brown, Donald RB Connecticut 5102v 210v 4.50v 1.221
56 2 Moala, Fili DT USC 6040v 305v 5.13v 1.290
92 3 Powers, Jerraud DC Auburn 5090v 188v 4.48v 1.411
127 4 Collie, Austin WR BYU 6007v 200v 4.57v 1.732
136 4 Taylor, Terrance DT Michigan 6000v 306v 5.27v 1.481
201 6 Painter, Curtis QB Purdue 6027v 225v 4.91v 1.534
222 7 McAfee, Pat PT West Virginia 6001v 225v 5.00e 1.900
236 7 Thomas, Jaimie OT Maryland 6040v 322v 5.32v 1.491

Over the last decade the Colts have successfully filled some critical needs while drafting from the back end. I liked all three of their first three selections , but I don't see any of them having much impact in their rookie season. Brown put up some very impressive numbers in 08, rushing for more than two thousand yards on the season. He's more or less a zone runner who runs hard, shows a burst, and has a great work ethic, but he wasn't an elusive make you miss type back. Moala like Brown, is a hard nosed player, but I was a little disappointed by his lack of practical playing production. I and a number of clubs really liked Moala' playing character, but keep in mind that more than one club had real concerns about him medically (knee). Powers, one of three underclassmen drafted by the Colts, is a is a good athlete with feet, quickness and the juice to put his foot in the ground and close on the football. Beyond this point, I really didn't see much that I liked with this draft. Austin Collie, is a skilled receiver with size and excellent hands, but he doesn't the speed to threaten vertically. Painter has size and a big arm, but he didn't make good throwing decisions, lacks pocket mobility and was very inconsistent. Taylor is a short dumpy looking inside player outstanding playing strength. He is really difficult to move inside, but his playing tempo varied and showed virtually nothing as a pass rusher (no plan or ability to counter).

BEST IN 3 YEARS: Fili Moala
OVERRATED: Curtis Painter
UNDERRATED: Austin Collie
PROJECT: Jaimie Thomas
BEST COLLEGE F.A.: Adrian Grady (DT)
HUH?: Curtis Painter

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