Miami Dolphins Final Draft Report Card

Four rookies won starting roles including Jake Long, Donald Thomas, Kendell Langford and Phillip Merling for the improving Dolphins in 2008, but the early returns do not bode well for rookie reserves Shawn Murphy, Lionel Dotson and Lex Hilliard. Chad Henne has been a major disappointment.

Miami Dolphins Grade -D NO RD Name Pos School HT WT 40 Grade
25 1 Davis, Vontae DC Illinois 5111v 203v 4.42v 1.182
44 2 White, Pat QB West Virginia 6002v 202v 4.57v 1.250
61 2 Smith, Sean DC Utah 6034v 214v 4.53v 1.261
87 3 Turner, Patrick WR USC 6051v 223v 4.58v 1.381
108 4 Hartline, Brian WR Ohio St 6015v 195v 4.54v 1.900
161 5 Nalbone, John TE Monmouth 6040v 251v 4.69v 1.900
165 5 Clemons, Chris DS Clemson 6001v 208v 4.38v 1.643
181 6 Gardner, Andrew OT Georgia Tech 6064v 304v 5.03v 1.440
214 7 Fulsom, JD TE Weber St 6026v 232v 4.62v 1.800

Make no mistake about it, Vontae Davis is a big explosive athlete, but I thought he was tight in the hips, has problems with double moves and I really didn't see what I would consider outstanding ball skills. When coupled with the fact that a number of highly respected talent scouts related to me that he was hard to coach and was a "me guy", I would certainly have gone in a different direction. I've got to tell you, I love Patrick White and regardless of where he lines up for this football club, I see good things happening. Sean Smith is an athletic big man, but is high hipped and lacks top speed and isn't what I consider a tough individual. Patrick Turner has size and was a consistent catchers, but I don't see him as being any better than a third (inside receiver) at the professional level. The drafting of Hartline was hard for me to understand. He wasn't productivewas not a natural catcher, was not strong and was frequently knocked off his routes. Clemons has impressive size and speed, but his cover skills (man or zone) were marginal, he lacks awareness and was to my way of thinking a poor tackler. Andrew Gardner played with a torn labrum (left shoulder) all season which required surgery in mid November. Although he had 48 consecutive starts up till his surgery, due to the nature of the offense (option attack), it is hard to get a true picture of this player. He's smart, has good playing instincts, is an experienced hand and a excellent worker, but he's not particularly strong (not muscular and has no butt) and struggles with big people. The Dolphins obviously tried to address problems with the secondary, wide receiver and at the tight end position, based on what I saw, I believe they will fall short of their stated goals.

BEST IN 3 YEARS: Pat White
OVERRATED: Vontae Davis
UNDERRATED: Andrew Gardner
PROJECT: Chris Clemons
BEST COLLEGE F.A.: Orion Martin (DE)
HUH?: John Nalbone

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