Minnesota Vikings Final Draft Report Card

Both center John Sullivan and safety Tyrell Johnson are projected 2009 starters, but based on the 2008 season, the Vikings draft class did little to distinguish themselves. DT Letroy Guion, QB John David Booty and WR Jaymar Johnson have a very long way to go in my opinion.

Minnesota Vikings Grade - D NO RD Name Pos School HT WT 40 Grade
22 1 Harvin, Percy WR Florida 5111v 192v 4.42v 1.181
54 2 Loadholt, Phil OT Oklahoma 6076v 332v 5.53v 1.271
86 3 Allen, Asher DC Georgia 5094v 194v 4.48v 1.341
150 5 Brinkley, Jasper OB So Carolina 6015v 252v 4.69v 1.800
231 7 Sanford, Jamarca DS Mississippi 5097v 214v 4.52v 1.530

During the draft a Vikings official stated that the club had eliminated between 70 to 90 players from their draft board as a result of character and medical concerns. The question that begs to be answered today is just how bad were they if a multiple offender (character) with a hole in his heel (medical) is selected with the twenty-second choice in the draft? Look, Harvin might well be the most complete football player in this year's draft, but coach spare me the, "I met the parents, the grandmother, prep coach and minister and everything is going to be just hunky-dorrie routine" Loadholt is a right tackle prospect with only marginal bend and or range. I wanted to like Asher Allen, but the more I saw him during the 2008 season, the more I thought he received some very bad advice leaving the Georgia program a year early. Jasper Brinkley missed most of the 2007 season with a knee, but is an impressive looking individual who was both physical and tough. When meeting pressure, he was able to stack people on the inside, but in space I thought he looked heavy legged, was not quick to react and tended to wait on things. On most occasions, Jasper was replaced in obvious passing situations (sub packages), but when forced to play the pass, I didn't think he was particularly smooth and or natural in his drops. He looked extremely mechanical and did not react to the ball in flight. You have to like his competes and body strength, but I see this player as a classic tweener. Best suited to play as a 3-4 inside backer. Jamarca Sanford, is a good athlete who plays hard, but I can't think of more than a handful of successful sub 5' 10" safeties in the pro ranks.

BEST IN 3 YEARS: Percy Harvin
OVERRATED: Asher Allen
UNDERRATED: Jamarca Sanford
PROJECT: Phil Loadholt
BEST COLLEGE F.A.: Ian Johnson (RB)
TOP TALENT SCOUT: Conrad Cardano
HUH?: Asher Allen

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