NFL Talk: Ramses Barden

Where was Ramses Barden when the Giants called to tell him that he was being added to the team's draft class? And how does he think he'll be able to contribute to the team's success?'s Ed Thompson checks in with the 6-foot-6 wide receiver who's determined to make a difference in New York.

Ed Thompson: Tell us about what you were doing when the phone call came on draft weekend.

Ramses Barden: I was still in bed. I'm on west coast time, so I was trying to get as much rest in as I could. Honestly, I wanted to be woken up by the call, that was my original goal. I think I woke up about ten minutes before, and it was still good timing to get the first phone call of the day from the Giants.

Thompson: Who was on the call and what did they say?

Barden: It was actually one of the personnel people, a scout and they asked me how I was doing, and kind of warmed me up to the information that they had just turned in my name to the Commissioner. I turned the TV on and watched my name going across the screen.

Thompson: What a great moment for you.

Ramses Barden at rookie camp
Getty Images/Jeff Zelevansky

Barden: Oh yeah, this is what I worked really hard for, but at the same time it's just the beginning of what's next.

Thompson: How much contact did you have with the Giants before you got your phone call?

Barden: During the pre-draft process I talked with them plenty of times--at the Combine, I had a trip out there, I spoke with the coach via email a couple times and some phone calls. It was definitely a moderate amount of contact. It wasn't a surprise when that was the team that chose me. I'm obviously excited that they did.

Thompson: So were they one of the teams that you had an official visit with?

Barden: Yes sir.

Thompson: What did Eli Manning say to you the first time you had a chance to talk with him?

Barden: He was just a great guy, welcoming me to the team, letting me know if there were any questions, anything I needed, that he was there and he'd be available. He was encouraging me, getting me ready for the weeks to come.

Thompson: Ramses, how do you see yourself contributing to the success of the Giants?

Barden: I want to be that complete receiver, be whatever is asked of me, whether it be special teams, whether it be down the field, intermediate, or short. I'm going to soak up as much as I can, as fast as I can, to be the best player that I can be. I just want to give 100-percent effort, do what I can and make the impact I am capable of making.

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