NFC East Issues/Answers-Washington Redskins

What kind of impact will Albert Haynesworth have on the Redskin defense?...Should the team give Jason Campbell a contract extension?...We're taking an inside look at these issues and more inside.

Washington Redskins

Issue No. 1: Should the front office offer Jason Campbell a contract extension?

Answer: For whatever reason, ownership and the coaching staff haven't shown enough confidence in the fifth-year pro. Campbell will enter the 2009 season on the last year of his rookie deal, but when you look at the personnel they've surrounded him with in recent years, the blame should go at someone else for Campbell's inconsistency.

The offensive line has gotten older, but not necessarily better. The group of receivers got younger last year with the additions of Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly, but certainly not better. Neither player contributed much of anything last season. At least he has reliable passing targets with TE Chris Cooley and veteran WR Santana Moss and a good running game manned by Clinton Portis. But the offense is far from dynamic.

When you look at Campbell's first four seasons, keep in mind he's coming off just his first full season as a starter. His completion percentage (62.3) and passer rating (84.3) were decent last season, but his numbers overall were very average. There were reasons for that. Portis physically broke down after a great start, the coaches couldn't find a reliable second receiver, and the offensive line had continued problems on right side.

I can see why they had a dalliance with Jay Cutler since he's very talented, but now that's over with, they have to back Campbell. If he plays well for the first half of the season, that probably will mean the issues surrounding Campbell last season have subsided. And if that does take place, I'd look seriously at extending his contract.

Issue No. 2: How much of an impact will Albert Haynesworth be for the Redskin defense?

Answer: His impact will be huge for a passing rushing and schematic standpoint.

Haynesworth is one of the rare defensive tackles that gets quite a lot of snaps at end. And with the Redskins, you can count on that happening. Besides veteran DE Andre Carter, Washington lacks enough quality pass rushers, so look for Haynesworth to see snaps at left end each game. Haynesworth's presence will give defensive coordinator Greg Blache the ability to use different fronts and use different coverages. Haynesworth is the kind of disruptive force that can change a game at any time.

I understand that he gets knocked for not bringing his "A-Game" each week, but if he gives top effort most of the time, the defense will be much better.

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