Boldin Dumping Rosenhaus a Wise Move

Say what you want about Cardinals wide receiver Anquan Boldin and his desire for a new contract, despite being inked through 2010. Never wanting to be a distraction last year, Boldin is going about his business differently this season. Maybe that's why he axed Drew Rosenhaus for Tom Condon. is the newest member of the social-networking lexicon to seemingly take over the entire universe overnight, attracting such frequent "tweeters" as super agent Drew Rosenhaus.

Here are some of the nuggets Rosenhaus has relayed to the NFL community recently regarding some of his more high-profile clientele via Twitter:

Chad OchoCinco is really on a mission. He has truly dedicated himself this offseason. He will be tougher then ever to cover this year.

Things went well today for Thomas Jones and the Jets. I'm confident he will pick up right where he left off from last year's Pro Bowl.

Adewale Ogunleye is out to prove this that age is just a number. He wants to show that he is still as good as ever and have a strong year.

But Rosenhaus must have been away from his desktop, laptop, and Blackberry for an abnormally-long period of time back on May 26, when he apparently forgot to "tweet" the following 140-character message for all of his 11,752 "followers" to see:

Because I've failed to get him a lucrative extension from Arizona or a trade to another team, Anquan Boldin fired me in favor of Tom Condon.

Boldin caught 89 balls for 1,038 yards in 2008.
Harry How/Getty Images

Boldin, unlike Rosenhaus, decided to deliver his message in a fashion that wasn't designed to give high schoolers yet another way to distance themselves from actual human contact entirely: through the mainstream media.

A ball carrier disguised as a pass catcher and one of the catalysts to Arizona's surprise run to Super Bowl XLIII, Boldin has been seeking Larry Fitzgerald-type money for quite some time, but he remains in the desert with two years left on a contract he feels he's outperformed. While many fans have come to begrudge these multi-million dollar athletes and their oftentimes outrageous financial demands, especially when the nation is in the middle of a Great Depression-level economic downturn, Boldin is living proof that a professional football career can come to a frightening end in the blink of an eye. You remember the play this past season in Week 4, when a defenseless Boldin just about got his head taken off by Eric Smith of the Jets in the waning moments of a game with the outcome long since decided.

"Warner and Fitzgerald's offers speak volumes of their desire to keep their teammate in the desert, but no transactions have been made. I haven't heard any of these rumblings lately."

– Amberly Dressler

But the Cardinals would be foolish to depart with a talent like Boldin without getting a king's ransom in return, not when he and Fitzgerald form the premier one-two wideout punch in the league and Kurt Warner bringing his "Greatest Show on Turf" passing outdoors to the natural surface of University of Phoenix Stadium. And because Boldin is already signed on the dotted line through the 2010 season whether he likes it or not, the Arizona front office has very little motivation to open its wallet for no other reason than to make the three-time Pro Bowler happy. The former Florida State Seminole already proved last season that he's too proud to tank it and continued to be incredibly productive in Todd Haley's offense.

Boldin had 11 TDs in 12 regular season games.
Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Both his quarterback and fellow receiver have said publicly that they'd be willing to move some of their own decimal points around to make sure Boldin stays, though neither bank account is any lighter as of this column being written.

"Warner and Fitzgerald's offers speak volumes of their desire to keep their teammate in the desert, but no transactions have been made," says Amberly Dressler, the publisher of "I haven't heard any of these rumblings lately."

Rosenhaus has performed more than a few miracles, getting Willis McGahee to go in the first round even with a torn knee and finding millions for Terrell Owens despite three straight Pro Bowl passers crying foul in his wake. But why wasn't he able to pull off a deal for Boldin, who is at the peak of his abilities on the field and appears to be a solid citizen off the field? If there is still a market for Plaxico Burress, a modern-day Barney Fife on the New York nightclub scene, shouldn't Chicago or Philly have been more aggressive in the Boldin derby?

Perhaps Arizona can be added to the growing list of organizations not particularly fond of Rosenhaus and his headline-whore style, which may explain why Boldin deep-sixed him in favor of the more reserved Condon.

"When this transpires," says Adam Caplan, the senior NFL reporter for, "it's usually because the player believes changing agents will help him get a new or better deal. It's rare that changing an agent will mean much, but there have been instances when a player made a change and a deal got done soon thereafter."

Dressler thinks Boldin simply wants the long-term security every player desires, and he's disappointed that his image took such a hit publicly and the situation became a distraction of this magnitude all the way to Super Sunday – "Rosenhaus" has become synonyms with "distraction" no matter what the good people at Roget say.

"The firing likely had more to do with Boldin's reputation than the Cardinals' feelings about Rosenhaus," Dressler says.

If Condon succeeds and gets Boldin what he wants, Rosenhaus should be so kind as to offer this tweet to all of Twitter nation:

I congratulate Anquan Boldin for getting what he rightfully deserves, and I apologize for subjecting him to my creepy way of doing business.

But something tells me his Blackberry is going to be mysteriously on the fritz that day.

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