Senior Bowl Player Report: Brett Williams

<br><br> <center>Player Notebook</center>

Name: Brett Williams/T        College: Florida St          Jersey#    72

Ht:  6045  Wt:  320  Hand: 9.5  Arm:  32

Weigh In Comments:  Looks like he could get into the weight room though good lineman's build.

Monday: From a fundamental and intensity standpoint outstanding.  Displayed a great feel for the position and once he got his hands on the opponent that defender was done.  Had

difficulty with the speedy edge rushers and those that could take wide angles to the quarterback were beating him.


Tuesday: Showed some skill blocking on the move but not a spectacular day.


Wednesday: Had a tough practice; did a little over extending and was a bit anxious which led to Williams getting beat on a few occasions.  Tried to long snap but it was a near disaster.




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