NFL Power Rankings Version 2.0

Will the probable addition of Brett Favre put the Minnesota Vikings over the top? Which teams have the best chance to dethrone the Pittsburgh Steelers?...Find out inside.

1) Pittsburgh Steelers: Don't underestimate the signing of veteran WR Shaun McDonald. Don't be surprised if he beats out Limas Sweed for the third receiver role? Kraig Urbik will eventually be the starter at right guard, it's just a matter of when.

Last Ranking: 1

Needs Still to be Filled: WR (depth), C, S (depth)

2) Philadelphia Eagles: It looks like WR Kevin Curtis (groin) will be fine by the start of training camp. An underrated issue is the shuffling on the offensive line. Also, if this team is to go far in the playoffs, Donovan McNabb will have to be more consistent. The talent is there for this team to win it all.

Last Ranking: 2

Needs Still to be Filled: TE

3) New York Giants: Who will step up at receiver and fill Plaxico Burress's shoes? Who will back up Brandon Jacobs at running back? Will the defense take a step back with a new coordinator calling the plays? Time will tell.

Last Ranking: 3

Needs Still to be Filled: S (depth), WR (veteran depth)

4) Minnesota Vikings: With the probable addition of Brett Favre, this team could go deep in the playoffs. But is Favre really the answer at 39? The offensive line looks to be a big issue. Can they handle the loss of Matt Birk? Can Percy Harvin stay out of trouble and prove to be worth a first-round pick? They have to find a reliable nickel back. Is Tyrell Johnson ready to start at strong safety?

Last Ranking: 7

Needs Still to be Filled: RG, C, DT (depth), S (depth), CB (depth)

5) Indianapolis Colts: It will be interesting to see how the coaches handle the running back rotation between Joseph Addai and Donald Brown. Look for Austin Collie to come in and be a factor right away as their third receiver. It also will be interesting to see how the defense does with Larry Coyer running the show. The coaching changes might have an effect, but probably not as much as some think.

Last Ranking: 4

Needs Still to be Filled: WR, DT

6) Atlanta Falcons: The offense looks to be complete now with the addition of Tony Gonzalez. But defensively, who can rush the passer other than John Abraham? Can they find a solid cover cornerback within their roster? Can they stop the run?

Last Ranking: 5

Needs Still to be Filled: DT (depth), DE, CB, S

7) San Diego Chargers: If LaDainian Tomlinson gets hurt again can Darren Sproles handle a lot of touches in Tominlson's absence? Can Shawne Merriman rebound from a lost season due to injury? The secondary needs to be more consistent. Can Antonio Cromartie bounce back? Lots of upside with this team, but several questions need to be answered.

Last Ranking: 6

Needs Still to be Filled: RB, DE

8) Baltimore Ravens: How will they help Joe Flacco at receiver? They need a downfield threat badly. Can they run it better than last season? Does Willis McGahee have anything left? Defensively, can Greg Mattison effectively replace coordinator Rex Ryan? Lots of questions here, but they should be a solid team.

Last Ranking: 8

Needs Still to be Filled: WR, DE

9) New England Patriots: Running the ball consistently might be a problem and who will provide depth at receiver? Since they run a spread offense, can Joey Galloway give them quality snaps at 37 years old? The return of Tom Brady could mean they'll make the playoffs for sure. The secondary, which was poor last season, should improve with the additions at cornerback and safety. But failing to sign Jason Taylor could come back to haunt them, so can they find a consistent pass rush?

Last Ranking: 9

Needs Still to be Filled: WR, RT, OLB

10) New York Jets: Who will catch the ball opposite Jerricho Cotchery? Can new head coach Rex Ryan get anything out of OLB Vernon Gholston? Can they find quality play at cornerback opposite Darrelle Revis?

Last Ranking: 10

Needs Still to be Filled: WR, DE (depth), OLB, S (depth)

11) Tennessee Titans: Finally, this team may actually have a decent group of receivers. The defense is going to miss Albert Haynesworth. His departure is what will keep them from going deep in the AFC playoffs. It's hard to believe the defensive end position wasn't dealt with in the off-season.

Last Ranking: 11

Needs Still to be Filled: G (depth), DE, CB (depth), S

12) Carolina Panthers: This team can't afford to fall behind. They are built to run, not to pass. Who will rush the passer besides the inconsistent Julius Peppers? Can they find a suitable nickel back after cutting Ken Lucas?

Last Ranking: 12

Needs Still to be Filled: WR, DE, DT (depth), CB (depth)

13) New Orleans Saints: You can call this a pinball offense. No one will be able to stop them consistently. But the defense is going to be an issue once again.

Last Ranking: 13

Needs Still to be Filled: RB, DT, OLB

14) Arizona Cardinals: The offense should be very good again, but can they run the ball better? The defense looks to be shaky again. The offense will probably have to score at least 24 points for this team to win each week.

Last Ranking: 14

Needs Still to be Filled: TE, C, DE, CB

15) Houston Texans: You have to wonder what general manager Rick Smith is thinking about when he decided that Chris Brown would be an adequate backup to Steve Slaton. Other than that, the offense is looking good. Defensively, the front-seven should be improved, but the secondary looks to still be an issue.

Last Ranking: 15

Needs Still to be Filled: RB (depth), G, DE (depth), S

16) Green Bay Packers: RT, DE, OLB

Last Ranking: 16

Needs Still to be Filled: The interior of the offensive line looks to be a little shaky. The front-seven looks to be the issue on defense as they make the conversion to the 3-4.

17) Dallas Cowboys: The receiver position continues to be the biggest issue this team has on offense. The front-seven is strong, but the secondary looks to be a bit shaky.

Last Ranking: 17

Needs Still to be Filled: WR, OLB (depth), CB (depth), S (depth)

18) Chicago Bears: Can they find anyone who can be a consistent pass catcher opposite Devin Hester? Don't be surprised if TE Greg Olsen leads the team in receptions.

Last Ranking: 18

Needs Still to be Filled: QB (backup), WR, G, CB

19) Miami Dolphins: This team is likely to take a step back based on their personnel at several positions. They lack consistent playmakers at receiver and could use an upgrade at tight end. Cornerback is looking a bit questionable at this point, but they do have youth in back of the starters.

Last Ranking: 20

Needs Still to be Filled: WR, TE

20) Washington Redskins: The key for this offense is for Clinton Portis to stay healthy and for another receiver other than Santana Moss to become a factor in the passing game. If Devin Thomas becomes a big factor, this team could surprise in 2009. Defensively, they must find pass rush help.

Last Ranking: 19

Needs Still to be Filled: WR, RT, OLB

21) Seattle Seahawks: It's almost hard to believe that they didn't sign or trade for a back to compete against Julius Jones for playing time. It has to be a concern that two out of their top three receivers are coming off of injury issues.

Last Ranking: 21

Needs Still to be Filled: RB (depth), DT (depth)

22) Buffalo Bills: The departure of LT Jason Peters is going to be a problem for their offense. Can they find anyone else other than Aaron Schobel to rush the passer? Why did they sign CB Drayton Florence who struggled the past few seasons with the Jaguars and Chargers?

Last Ranking: 22

Needs Still to be Filled: LT, DE

23) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The quarterback position is the key for their offensive consistency this season. Can this defense rebound after the collapse down the stretch from last season?

Last Ranking: 23

Needs Still to be Filled: DE, DT, CB (depth)

24) Cincinnati Bengals: The offensive line looks to be a major issue, but at least Carson Palmer is back behind center. Can Cedric Benson handle being their starting running back for 16 games? The defense is probably going to surprise some people this season, but depth is an issue at various positions.

Last Ranking: 25

Needs Still to be Filled: LG, C, DT, DE, CB

25) Denver Broncos: Can Kyle Orton admirably replace Jay Cutler at quarterback? Will Brandon Marshall play for the Broncos this season? Can the defense stop anyone?

Last Ranking: 24

Needs Still to be Filled: DE, OLB (depth), CB

26) San Francisco 49ers: The quarterback position will be the overriding issue all summer for this team on offense. Defensively, who will put pressure on the quarterback? Can CB Dre' Bly adequately replace Walt Harris?

Last Ranking: 26

Needs Still to be Filled: QB, OLB, S, CB (depth)

27)  St. Louis Rams: While their offensive line looks to be significantly improved, QB Marc Bulger looks to be on the downside of his career. Who will catch passes this season? The receiver position continues to be an issue. Defensively, while there will be an adjustment in scheme and philosophy, talent on that side of the ball is still an issue. But, new head coach Steve Spagnuolo will bring a badly needed attitude adjustment this season, which should result in a better overall record.

Last Ranking: 28

Needs Still to be Filled: WR, DT, DE

28) Cleveland Browns: Quarterback and receiver are the big issues on offense. Defensively, they must find a way to rush the passer.

Last Ranking: 27

Needs Still to be Filled: RB, WR, TE, OLB, CB

29) Oakland Raiders: They should try to become a power running team and control the clock to have any chance to win. They have three backs that can form a nice committee. Defensively, it's clearly a work in progress. The addition of DE Greg Ellis will help, but the pass rush still looks to be questionable.

Last Ranking: 29

Needs Still to be Filled: WR, DE, CB

30) Detroit Lions: The offense might surprise people this season. They are really deep at receiver. The quarterback position is the key to any offensive improvement. The defense is the problem area. Expect them to be more aggressive this season.

Last Ranking: 31

Needs Still to be Filled: G, DE, DT, MLB

31) Jacksonville Jaguars: I never thought I'd say it, but they will miss Matt Jones at receiver. How much does Torry Holt have left? Who will start opposite him?

Last Ranking: 30

Needs Still to be Filled: WR, TE, DT, CB

32) Kansas City Chiefs: The offense might wind up being decent, but the defense will be the team's downfall this season. The secondary should be solid, but the front seven is where the problems are.

Last Ranking: 32

Needs Still to be Filled: WR, OLB (pass rusher)

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