Five Minutes With Joey Haynos

After David Martin was placed on injured reserve, Joey Haynos learned that he'd be moving up to the number two slot on Miami's depth chart at the tight end position.'s Ed Thompson caught up with the 6-foot-8 tight end to talk about his new opportunity and Monday Night's matchup with the Colts.

Ed Thompson: Let's talk a little bit about this new opportunity with the Dolphins. I know it's one you've been working hard for since coming into the league. What went through your mind when you realized you were going to see more playing time this year.

Joey Haynos: The only thing I really thought about was how good of an opportunity it is for me to prove what I can do on the field. I'm excited for the opportunity to be the second tight-end and I plan on making the most of it.

Thompson:  While David Martin was coming back from the sports hernia injury, you were already playing this role, correct? So that had to help you get a jump on this opportunity.

Haynos: Yeah, during the OTAs and minicamps I learned a lot about the position, so that was a big help.

Thompson: Last year the Dolphins used two tight-ends probably 40 to 50 percent of the time. Do you think they're going to stay the course and you'll get to see the field that often?

Haynos: I hope so. They've adjusted a couple of things, but nothing drastic.  I didn't play a ton on Sunday against the Falcons, but I think we were behind and we were spreading it out a bit more.  I hope it stays the same, but it'll be whatever the game calls for.

At 6-foot-8, Haynos is a tall target for QB Chad Pennington.
AP Photo/Alan Diaz

Thompson:  You had a nice 21-yard catch against the Falcons. Talk a little bit about that play, what you saw, and how it developed.

Haynos: Well, it's a trick play, basically. We practiced it a lot and it has a lot to do with timing. I have to hold the fake block for a certain amount of counts, and Ronnie (Brown) runs left and throws it back to Chad (Pennington), and then I'm coming across the field. It worked beautifully. I was wide open.

Thompson: Joey did you do anything different this offseason that's been different from your training in the past?

Haynos: I followed the Dolphins' offseason program and worked with our strength trainers. I got stronger, there's no doubt about that, in my lower body and arms, so that's been a big help with blocking. Especially on this level, you have to be strong, because everybody you're facing is strong and you can't get away with just trying to hit someone as hard as you can. You have to have technique and strength.

Thompson: I've got to think that's going to pay off Monday night when you guys play a team like the Colts. You're out there on the edge and they're putting guys like Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis spread out wide, and you're counted on to pick them up in certain situations. Talk about the challenges they bring.

Haynos: They're both great players--the two of them are the among the hardest defensive ends in the league to block. It's a good challenge, so we've been watching a lot of film on them, trying to get their moves so we can pass block them.

Thompson: Where do you think the main misfires were against the Falcons that you guys can work on to clean up before you take on the Colts?

Haynos: Coach Sparano preaches nearly every day that we can't have negative plays, we can't turn the ball over, we can't have missed assignments--and we did all three of those things. Usually, the team that does less of those things wins, and that was the case against Atlanta. As an offensive unit, there were things we did really well, and things we did bad. I think we'll get it together and we'll be OK.

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