Updated Best Available Free Agents-Defense

Nate Webster is one of about five to six veteran inside linebacker options left in free agency. Many of them could come in and play right away in a reserve role.

Defensive Tackle
Dewayne Robertson (DE in 3-4) - Former first-round pick of the New York Jets who has underachieved, but has experience in 3-4 and 4-3 schemes.
John Thornton- Probably could still start if needed. The Detroit Lions wanted to sign him, but Thornton backed off.
Ed Johnson - Serviceable starter, but there are other issues that preventing him from being a consistent performer.
Chuck Darby - Solid third tackle. Was recently released by the Lions and worked out for the Saints recently.
Darwin Walker - Fits in as a backup at this point in his career.
Ellis Wyms (DE) - Versatile, solid backup or could start for a while if needed.
James Reed - Fits in as a fourth tackle.
Kindal Moorehead - Fits in as a fourth tackle.
Antwan Lake - Fits in as a fourth tackle. Worked out for the Falcons recently.
Kenderick Allen - Fits in as a fourth tackle.
Tim Anderson - Journeyman who fits in as a fourth or fifth tackle. Worked out for a few teams recently.
Langston Moore - Fourth of fifth tackle.

Defensive End

Kevin Carter (DE in 3-4) - Source said he's not interested in playing as of now.
Paul Spicer - Solid third end. Worked out for a few teams recently.
John Engelberger - Can play inside if needed. Decent backup.
Rosevelt Colvin (OLB in 3-4) - He's had his share of injuries in his career and fits in as a backup.
Ebenezer Ekuban - Fits in as a third or fourth end.
Josh Thomas - Waived by the Colts again recently. Fits in as a fourth end.
Orpheus Roye - 3-4 DE who fits in as a fourth end. Worked out for the Falcons recently.
Marcus Howard - Worked out for the Steelers recently, but they probably see him as an outside linebacker. Also worked out for the Eagles twice this season.

Inside Linebacker

Nate Webster (SLB) - Probably could still start if needed.
Derek Smith - He worked out for the New Orleans Saints recently.
Napoleon Harris - Decent option as a backup.
Pat Thomas - Decent backup option. Worked out for the Bills recently.
Teddy Lehman - Talented, but oft-injured LB.
Ryan Nece (SLB) - He's a solid, versatile backup.
Leon Williams (OLB) - Decent backup, who can play outside if needed. Worked out for the Seahawks and Eagles recently.
Kris Griffin (ILB/MLB) - Solid special teamer and deep backup LB.

Outside Linebacker
Cato June (WLB/SLB) - Spent a week or so with the Bears recently. Best used in a Cover-2 system as a WLB. Worked out for the Bills recently.
Derrick Brooks (WLB) - Will need to find a team that plays a cover-2. He said that still wants to play and had a workout for the Saints recently. Currently working for Sirius NFL Radio.
Marcus Washington (SLB) - Decent pass rusher in a 4-3 scheme from OLB.
Morlon Greenwood (WLB) - Solid backup option at WLB.
Boss Bailey (SLB) - Oft-injured, but talented linebacker.
Victor Hobson (SLB) - Solid backup option at SLB.
Darryl Blackstock (SLB) - Decent backup option at SLB.
Marques Harris (SLB) - Just got released by the 49ers. Decent backup OLB.
Robert Thomas (SLB) - Can play all three LB positions.
Matt Stewart (SLB) - Average backup option.
Louis Green (SLB) - Good special teams player and could fill in as a spot starter.
Dontarrious Thomas (WLB/MLB) - Versatility may help him find work as a backup.
Alex Lewis (SLB) - The Lions recently released him. He worked out for the Houston Texans recently.
Shantee Orr (SLB/OLB in 3-4) - Decent pass-rushing OLB. Would be a solid backup.
Alfred Fincher (SLB) - Started off his career at MLB, but more of a backup SLB at this point.
Gilbert Gardner (SLB/WLB) - Former third-round pick of the Colts who fits in as a fifth or sixth linebacker.

Marlon McCree - Solid backup option.
Brian Russell - Was waived by the Texans on Tuesday. Not a bad backup option.
Dwight Smith - Probably not a starter at this point in his career.
Keith Davis - Recently released by the Raiders. Davis is a solid special teams player and fits in as a fourth safety. Worked out for the Tennessee Titans recently.
Will Demps - Solid backup.
Keith Lewis - Solid special teamer. Was waived by the Panthers recently.
Herana-Daze Jones - Good special teams player and decent backup. Has worked out for a few teams recently. Just was waived by the Saints.
Stuart Schweigert - Average backup.
Terrence Holt - Probably will not get starting consideration.
Tank Williams - Basically a fourth safety and has suffered through a few major injuries in his career.
Mike Doss - Worked out for the Bengals recently.
Cameron Worrell - Fourth safety.
Michael Boulware - The conversion from linebacker in college never worked out.

Jason David - Spent a week with the Lions recently.
Patrick Surtain - Probably a nickel back these days.
Von Hutchins (S) - Versatile backup at this point in his career. Took a physical for the Buccaneers recently.
Keiwan Ratliff - Decent option for depth and can play safety if needed.
Fakhir Brown - Fits in as a third cornerback.
Chris McAlister - Spent a shot time with the Saints recently. Probably should be moved to safety if he wants to continue his career.
Travis Fisher - Spent time with the Seahawks recently. Worked out for the Ravens recently.
Justin Miller (KR) - Was once a feared kickoff returner much earlier in his career.
Eric Green - Nickel or dime CB. Worked out for the 49ers and Browns recently.
Deltha O'Neal - Fits in probably as a dime CB.
Adam Jones (KR/PR) - Troubled, but talented DB who probably needs to play in a nickel role. His return ability should get him some attention.
Brian Kelly - Veteran cornerback who fits in a nickel role.
Michael Lehan - Good-sized nickel cornerback.
Jason Webster - He told us recently that he still wants to play and had a workout for the Texans recently.
Jason Craft - Can handle a nickel role.
Daven Holly - Young cornerback who needs to prove he's all the way back from his ACL injury.
R.W. McQuarters (PR) - Can probably handle a nickel role. 
Jamar Fletcher - Can handle a dime position at this point in his career.
Lewis Sanders - Big defensive back who may have to play safety at some point in order to get a job.

Updated Best Available NFL Free Agents-Offense

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