Senior Bowl Q&A: LB Donald Butler

Washington LB Donald Butler believes that his ability to play all three linebacker positions will help his draft stock this April. Find out which teams have already been talking to him and how his Senior Bowl experience is going so far through this exclusive interview with's Ed Thompson.

Ed Thompson: Donald, you've finished your first day of work at the Senior Bowl. How was it out there? 

Donald Butler: It was a lot of fun. Just getting a chance to get the pads and helmet back on, getting after it a little bit with some new friends, I'm ready to get some more coaching from the NFL coaches.

Thompson: Why do you think you're ready for this next step to the NFL after your career at Washington

Butler: I think the help from the position coaches and the new coaching staff there did extraordinary things for my game in terms of getting me ready for the next level. And getting the opportunity to play here at the Senior Bowl with another great coaching staff is really going to elevate me to the next level.  

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Thompson: Talk about some of the skills that you think are going to translate well to the NFL game. 

Butler: I think my speed and my mental ability to play all three of the linebacker positions will really help me out a lot. I'm a good character guy who they're not going to have to worry about off the field. So, I think that will help me out a lot. 

Thompson: You seem like you have a pretty calm and friendly temperament off the field. That's got to be an asset when it's time to talk with NFL coaches. 

Butler: Oh yeah, definitely. Now on the field it's different, it's a lot different! You can't have that same demeanor on the field. But I definitely like to think of myself as a laid-back person. 

Thompson: Tell me a little about your family life and how that's helped make you the person you are today. 

Butler: I have a great mother who, by herself, raised three wonderful children--me, my older brother and sister. We're a very close-knit group and I go to them for any big decision I make. We all talk it over, and we just love each other. 

Thompson: One of the exciting things about Senior Bowl week is that it's the first time you get to chat with some of the NFL coaches, players and scouts. Who are some of the teams you've chatted with so far? 

Butler: I've talked to the Bears and the Packers. I have a meeting later with the Chiefs and the Patriots. Those are really great franchises that have some interest in me, so I'm really relishing this moment and trying to take advantage of it. 

Thompson: Any favorite NFL team that you had growing up? 

Butler: The Packers, actually. We're a big fan of Brett Favre--I think I got that from my brother, though.

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