Tuesday Senior Bowl Quarterbacks-North

In this update, we're continuing our series of breakdowns of the Senior Bowl quarterbacks. This time around, we're taking a look at the North signal callers.

Here's a breakdown of the three quarterbacks from the North team after watching Tuesday's 90-minute practice:

Dan LeFevour/Central Michigan

Arm Strength: LeFevour, based on the way he threw in this practice, doesn't have a strong arm. He couldn't get any power into his throws nor did he get a good push off his back foot.

Accuracy: Like many of the quarterbacks here in Mobile this week, he tended to rush his throws. Because of that, many of LeFevour's passes were inaccurate during this practice session.

Pocket Awareness/Movement: Moving away from the rush wasn't an issue at all for LeFevour. He seemed to sense oncoming pass rushers well.

Mechanics: LeFevour struggled with his footwork during this session. Because of that, he may have lost some power in his throws. His release point also seemed to be an issue for him.

Sean Canfield/Oregon St.

Arm Strength: Canfield simply was unable to drive the ball down field with any accuracy or power. He doesn't get enough power off of his back foot and also tends to push the ball a bit.

Accuracy: While he clearly has a below average arm, Canfield has nice touch on fades 25-30 yards down field. That's an area of his game where he's strong--making touch passes. He seems to have a good feel for that part of his game. However, when he's called upon to make stick or tougher throws, he was unable to do that with any accuracy because of his apparent lack of arm strength.

Pocket Awareness/Movement: Canfield doesn't have great feet, but was still able to move around well enough to find functional space to throw the ball.

Mechanics: Canfield needs to put the ball back further during his throwing motion in order to get more power. He also needs to get better torque or force into his throws. His footwork also could be improved.

Tony Pike/Cincinnati

Arm Strength: There's no question that Pike has an above average arm from watching him throw live. He's able to throw with power by pushing off his back foot. He was able to get his ball through the mild breeze during the Tuesday morning practice to his intended receiver.

Accuracy: Because his rushes his throws every once in a while, Pike's passes would tend to sail over his intended target. He's able to drive the ball outside the numbers and hash area fairly well.

Pocket Awareness/Movement: Pike had little trouble moving around in the pocket during the practice session. It doesn't hurt that he's a tall quarterback. He's able to see over his offensive line rather easily.

Mechanics: Pike's footwork was inconsistent, and as a result, some of his passes went awry. Since he has a good release point, Pike is able to get good power into his throws. When he slows down, Pike is able to make most throws.

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