Senior Bowl Q&A: Brandon Graham

Michigan hybrid Brandon Graham has been the most explosive defensive player in Mobile this week.'s Chris Steuber caught up with Graham in Mobile. Find out how Graham's week at the Senior Bowl is going and what NFL teams are showing the most interest inside...

Chris Steuber: How are you enjoying the Senior Bowl experience so far?

Brandon Graham: Everything is going well. I came here in the best shape that I could possibility be in, and it’s paying off. I’m just excited right now.

Graham has been the most impressive defensive player in Mobile and will receive 1st round consideration in April.
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CS: You should be excited, because you’ve been the best defensive player in Mobile. But even though you had your way against most of the offensive tackles during practice, who’s given you the biggest fits, if anyone?

Graham: You know who’s really good, Sam Young. I wanted to go against him today, but I don’t play left end, and he plays right tackle. The guy from UMass [Vladimir Ducasse] is a tough guy, but Young is the guy that I want. He got me really good when we [Michigan] played Notre Dame. Even though we won, he got me really good a couple times during the game.

CS: With the success that you’ve had during practice, I’m sure a lot of teams are interested in you. What teams have you met with so far, and did any team show more interest than another?

Graham: I’ve met with almost everybody so far, but the teams that stick out to me the most are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs. But, I couldn’t really tell if a team showed more interest over another. It’s exciting to just meet with NFL teams in general. For them to want to interview me and see what I’m about, that’s a blessing.

CS: In your meetings with teams, did they prefer you at a certain position?

Graham: Some teams want me to play linebacker and others haven’t really said anything about the position I play. They just told me to keep going; keep that motor moving, and that’s what I’m trying to do.

CS: Where do you envision yourself playing at the next level, defensive end or outside linebacker?

Graham: It doesn’t matter what position I play; I’m just going to give it 100-percent. They always told me that I had a motor, and I’m going to continue to play fast despite where I play.

CS: The player that I’ve compared you to is former Michigan standout LaMarr Woodley. How do you react to that comparison?

Graham: That’s what everybody is saying, and LaMarr Woodley is a great player. I’ve learned most of my skills from Woodley anyway. I would agree with that comparison.

CS: The last two days you have really shown your explosiveness off the edge, is there any part of your game that you want to improve on at this point?

Graham: I just want to keep pushing. I’d like to get to the ball more downfield, track somebody down and save a touchdown. I just want to give maximum effort and play until the whistle.


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