Senior Bowl Q&A: Kyle Wilson

Boise State cornerback Kyle Wilson has been one of the best cornerbacks on the North Team roster at the Senior Bowl, and has showcased his cover skills and playmaking ability.'s NFL Draft Analyst Chris Steuber caught up with Wilson and asked him about his week in Mobile.

Chris Steuber: How are you enjoying the Senior Bowl experience so far?

Kyle Wilson: I’m having fun out here. There’s a lot of competition and I love that. I think I’m making a lot of plays out there (on the practice field), and I’ve been showing the same skills that I did all season.

Wilson has been one of the most impressive cornerbacks in Mobile.
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CS: You’ve been on the practice field for three days now, who’s been the best wide receiver that you lined up against?

Wilson: Mardy Gilyard has been the best, but the guy from Ohio (Taylor Price) has also done a nice job. Those two are the most polished and they get out of their breaks faster then the rest of the receivers.

CS: What aspect of your game are you trying to improve on this week?

Wilson: I want to work on my technique and my intelligence in the classroom. But I also want to improve all around, and make plays against the best competition in the nation.

CS: How do you think you compare with the other cornerbacks on the North roster?

Wilson: I think I’m the best at what I do. I strive to be the best. I pay attention to all of the small details and I go out there and compete. I love to compete and I don’t like to give up anything. I try to make it tough for the offense and the receiver I go up against.

CS: What NFL teams have you met with since you arrived in Mobile?

Wilson: There have been a lot of teams… I had a lot of interviews.

CS: Did any team show more interest than another?

Wilson: No, not really, I’ve had numerous interviews with almost every team, but I don’t recall a team standing out over another.

CS: In those interviews, did teams just conduct background checks or was there some chalk talk?

Wilson: It’s basically been a lot of background checks, but they also tested my football IQ. They wanted to know me as a person, because they’ve watched a lot of film and know what I am as a player. They just wanted to know the real me.

CS: Looking ahead to game day Saturday, what do you expect the atmosphere to be like?

Wilson: I’d expect it to be like another game. I’ll prepare for it just like I always prepare for a game. I expect to make a lot of plays on Saturday.

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