Wednesday Senior Bowl Quarterbacks-South

The practice sessions continued on Wednesday afternoon with the South quarterbacks. Did Tim Tebow improve? Did Jarrett Brown continue to shine?

Here's a breakdown of the three quarterbacks from the South team after viewing Wednesday's practice:

Tim Tebow/Florida

This was clearly his worst performance during the three days of practice.

Tebow's accuracy was way off. He just couldn't settle down at any point during the practice session. He even struggled with shorter passes with no one covering the receiver.

Again, it took Tebow too long to throw the ball. His elongated release made it easier for oncoming pass rushers to get off the ball and to the backfield.

For whatever reason, he seemed to be out of sorts during most of the practice session. He just couldn't find any rhythm.

Unfortunately for Tebow, Wednesday's practice was the one time where he had to make a strong impression on scouts, and he wasn't able to do so. Wednesday's practice was the only one where they practiced in pads. Thursday's will likely be in shorts.

Zac Robinson/Oklahoma St.

This was not a good throwing for the right handed signal caller.

Robinson's accuracy was an issue again. He continued to throw tentatively, which has been an issue for him all week.

Robinson just doesn't look like a comfortable quarterback. He performed with an apparent lack of confidence.

He did make a few nice throws toward the end of the practice session, but it's unlikely those throws will sway how personnel evaluators will look at his performance.

Jarrett Brown/West Virginia

Once again, Brown had a terrific session on Wednesday. He clearly has been the South team's best quarterback through the first three practices.

Brown continued to throw with good accuracy. He puts the ball away from the defender and into his intended receivers' hands.

You have to like how he's not concerned with bodies around him. Nothing seems to distract him and he gets the ball off quickly enough.

He also throws with good field vision--meaning he's able to scan the field to find open receivers. He rarely made a mistake through today's practice.

Coming Thursday: Grades and final evaluations for all six Senior Bowl quarterbacks.

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