Senior Bowl Q&A: DT Jared Odrick

Penn State defensive tackle Jared Odrick had a challenging and fun first day at the Senior Bowl. On Monday night, he talked with's Ed Thompson about some of the teams he's met with already, his one-on-one matchups and much more.

Ed Thompson: Jared, let's talk about your experience so far since your first day is in the books. What was it like out there?

Jared Odrick: It was fun. It was a good experience being able to hear about these guys from all across the country that you didn't get to play against and you finally get to see them on the practice field to play against them. It was a good time.

Thompson: As you look forward to your NFL career, what are some of the skills you have that are going to translate really well to the NFL?

Odrick: What you always hear is that size translates great and I obviously bring that naturally but then I would say the quickness at my size and the ability to play in different schemes whether it's the 3-tech, 5-tech, 3-4, 4-3--any type of alignment they want to do. I'm diverse and will be able to adapt to any scheme.

Thompson: You guys got to mix it up out there a little bit one-on-one today. Give me one or two guys out there that you thought really gave you a good battle.

Drawing double-teams was a sign of respect for Odrick's skill level at Penn State.
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Odrick: (Jon) Asamoah is a great offensive guard. I felt like today was a great day for the both of us. We both got a lot out of what we did and then (Mike) Iupati was the other offensive guard I went up against. I thought on both sides it was a good rep for myself. I don't like to throw people under the bus, and I really won't know until I watch the film as to who got the better of what. But I felt good with what I did on the one-on-ones.

Thompson: A lot of the fun of Senior Bowl week for you guys is getting the chance to talk to some of the NFL teams, scouts, and coaches. Who are some of the ones that you've gotten a chance to talk to so far?

Odrick: I've spoken to a lot of teams. I've talked to the 49ers, Packers--a lot of teams, at least ten so far. And I still have a lot of teams to meet.

Thompson: What are some of the questions that you've tried to prepare for--ones that you know they're going to be asking you?

Odrick: I don't think I really need to prepare for anything. It's just about showing them who you are as a person and as a football player, so I don't think I need to prepare for anything other than giving them my true self and honest opinion on things.

Thompson: What's the most fun thing about football for you?

Odrick: The most fun is the competition. In a game like this, it's among your teammates and your opponent. But this is also about the camaraderie you build with all the new people that you meet. Our coaches talked about that the first two days we were here. They told us you're going to be in touch with these guys for the rest of your life, and that's really what it's about--building relationships. And that's what we're doing here.

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