Senior Bowl Q&A: DT Lamarr Houston

Texas defensive tackle Lamarr Houston tells's Ed Thompson about his Senior Bowl experience, his skills that will help him succeed in the NFL, teams he's talked to and much more. Get all the details in this exclusive interview.

Ed Thompson: What's this experience been like for you so far? 

Lamarr Houston: It's good to be out there with some of the big name football players like Ciron Black and Mike Johnson and just to get a feel for the game again. It's been a month since we all played, so to hop back in is going to take a little bit of time--but can't take too much time.

Thompson: I was watching you on some of your one-on-ones. You were a hungry guy out there today. You were showing a good burst out of your stance and you were really giving your opponents a good pop.

Houston: I was just trying to play football the way I've been taught at Texas. It's what's gotten me here so far, and I think it's going to carry me the rest of the way.

Thompson: Talk about some of the skills you have at your position that you think are going to translate really well to the NFL game.

Houston: I think athleticism helps me a lot along with learning some of the extra technique you learn up there in the league. The league is so technical. That's the difference between college and the NFL, it's the technique. Once I get my technique down and combine it with my athleticism, I think it'll help me survive in the league.

Thompson: For you personally, what are some of the most important aspects of your preparation before you play a game?

Houston: I've just got to make sure I play with a high motor, play fast and physical and try and play without thinking. That's the biggest thing for me is to play without thinking.

Houston made his presence known to quarterbacks like Oklahoma's Sam Bradford.
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Thompson: I've talked to a lot of guys that have gone through this NFL draft process over the last few years. One of things that really hits them when they get to the Senior Bowl is that you now get to talk to NFL coaches. What's that been like so far? 

Houston: It's a great process getting to interview with different scouts and coaches. Just seeing how the business side of football involves all this investigative information about your background, your characteristics, your grades and how they do a full background check on you is really interesting. It's a great experience. Hopefully it will have a positive outcome for me.

Thompson: Your fans back at your school are going to want to know which teams you've been talking to so far. Who are just a few that you've chatted with?

Houston: The Jaguars, Green Bay, the Chiefs. I've got meetings scheduled with the Patriots, the Bears. Everybody is here, so the list keeps growing.

Thompson: Tell me a little about your family and how they've help make you the person you are today.

Houston: Both of my parents are pastors, I was raised in a two-parent home. I have seven siblings--a big family--so I was raised with a lot of love. That's helped me out and it taught me to be the utmost person I can be. I think that helped me along this whole process. I thank God for my parents, I am blessed.

Thompson: You said there are seven siblings, where are you in the line up?

Houston: I am the seventh child. I have a younger sister who is 18. My older sisters are in their thirties, my brothers are in their late twenties. 

Thompson: Did you have any favorite NFL players as you were growing up?

Houston: When I was growing up I thought I would be just like Emmitt Smith. I was a huge Cowboys fan. That's why I was a running back early on playing football in high school. 

Thompson: You seem like a guy that has a lot of fun when you are out there on the field.

Houston: I try. It's no fun playing football if you can't have fun. You have to love the game and enjoy it or it's just useless, it's just business. You have to love the process. I love it all so far. And my love and passion for the game is strong, so I try to have a lot of fun when I am out there.

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