Senior Bowl: Wednesday's Quarterback Rankings's team of writers and analysts compared notes on the six quarterbacks that are showcasing their skills during Senior Bowl week. Who's at the top of their rankings and who's at the bottom? Check it out inside...

1. Jarrett Brown, West Virginia

After another strong performance on Wednesday, it's surprising, but clear that Brown is the best quarterback in Mobile. The 6-foot-3, 219-pound signal caller has displayed poise in the pocket, good footwork and recognition skills and delivered a catchable ball to receivers. The two keys to his success thus far have been his surprising arm strength and his mobility and ability to make plays on the run.

LeFevour may lack arm strength, but he has a lot of tools to work with.
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2. Dan LeFevour, Central Michigan

Replacing Tebow in the No. 2 hole is LeFevour, who has put together a solid showing this week. LeFevour has a lot of tools to work with and is fundamentally sound, but he has to work on his mechanics and arm strength. He had a good day on Wednesday and continued to demonstrate mobility in the pocket and accuracy on intermediate routes. LeFevour struggles to drive the ball downfield, but he has the size to build up his arm strength and improve as a passer.

3. Tim Tebow, Florida

Outside of a few nice throws, Tebow struggled on Wednesday and has yet to live up to the media hype covering him in Mobile. Tebow has to rework his mechanics and develop a more traditional approach to passing. He also has to make better decisions in the pocket and not hold onto the ball as long. Tebow is a competitor and even though he's struggled during practice, I wouldn't be surprised if he had a strong game on Saturday.

4. Tony Pike, Cincinnati

Pike has been the most frustrating quarterback to observe in Mobile, because it’s obvious that he has talent, but he’s having a hard time getting on track. Pike is playing with no confidence right now and his footwork in the pocket is all over the place. At this point, the only shot at redemption Pike has is if he lives up to his gamer label and performs so well on Saturday that all is forgotten. Even though he’s struggled this week, scouts still love his arm strength, size and upside, and that's why he's moved up from No. 6 to No. 4.

5. Sean Canfield, Oregon State

Canfield was much better on Wednesday than he was on Monday and Tuesday combined and elevated his status one-notch to No. 5. He showed poise in the pocket, a proper set up and delivered the ball with confidence. Canfield lacks elite arm strength, but appears to have gotten his timing down with the North wide receivers. There are a lot of scouts that like him and with this being a weak quarterback class, Canfield will be selected much higher than he should.

6. Zac Robinson, Oklahoma State

Falling from No. 4 to No. 6, Robinson has been average thus far during practice sessions and hasn’t stood out in any category. On Wednesday, Robinson forced two throws in the redzone that were picked off by his former Oklahoma State teammate Perrish Cox. The interceptions occurred during 11-on-11 drills, and the first one was forced by pressure up the middle and the second was a bad read. Robinson should be considered a marginal prospect and will likely be a late round selection or an undrafted free agent.


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