Senior Bowl: Wednesday's Tight Ends Rankings's team of writers and analysts compared notes on the six tight ends that are showcasing their skills during Senior Bowl week. Who's at the top of their rankings and who's at the bottom as of Wednesday? Check it out inside...

1. Jimmy Graham, Miami

Graham did nothing to hurt his stock on Wednesday. He continued to run great routes and got open deep a few times. He made a terrific catch deep up the middle and trotted the last couple of steps into the end zone after opening up his stride to get an edge on his defender. He continued to handle himself capably in the run-blocking game.

2. Ed Dickson, Oregon

Dickson is displaying perhaps the most balanced skill set out of the group of six, but he didn't make as many big catches on Wednesday as Graham. He continues to excel at getting free quickly at the line of scrimmage when a linebacker comes up to the line and challenges him. He uses his arms and hands very well to get free. He was effective as a run-blocker, showing a good willingness to mix it up in the trenches..

3. Colin Peek, Alabama

Peek was forced to sit out the Wednesday practice due to a stomach bug. But he's expected to return to action.

4. Garrett Graham, Wisconsin

He didn't get tied up as frequently by linebackers off the line, and once he's free he continues to do a nice job of faking out linebackers and defensive backs during his routes to gain some separation. Graham picked up his game a bit on Wednesday, but he's mainly making catches you would expect him to, not the more challenging ones.  He continued to show good fundamentals in the running game.

5. Anthony McCoy, USC

McCoy did a really nice job getting free deep down the middle and watching the pass into his hands for what would have been a score, but he continued to be plagued by dropped passes, especially while crossing the middle. He was having more success with his run-blocking, locking onto defenders more consistently, but unless he finishes the week strong, he may have hurt his draft stock this week.

6. Mike Hoomanawanui, Illinois

Just like on Tuesday, if you weren't keeping your eye on Hoomanawanui to evaluate him, you wouldn't notice him. He's still not displaying the enthusiasm or energy that the other tight ends have when they're running routes. His only real value was in the blocking game, but even there he's slightly above average, not a force to be reckoned with.

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