Senior Bowl Q&A: WR Riley Cooper

While tuning up for this year's Senior Bowl, Florida wide receiver Riley Cooper took a few minutes to chat with's Ed Thompson about his experiences in Mobile and a few of the NFL teams he's talked to during week.

Ed Thompson: Riley, what's it like working with NFL coaches now?

Riley Cooper: It's good, and it's going well. The tempo is a little different--I never thought I would say that coming from the University of Florida. We have very up-tempo practices at Florida, but this practice is a little different. Today it was only an hour-and-a-half, but I feel like I got my work in today. It went well.

Thompson: Talk a little bit about your skills as a wide receiver and why you think they will translate well to the NFL game.

Cooper: I'm a big guy, I'm physical. I block well, I've got good hands, and I'm a big target. I think they can use some guys like me in the NFL. I am really good at boxing defenders out, putting my body in front of theirs, coming back to the ball, and being aggressive toward the ball. That's kind of my gig, so I'm looking forward to it.

Thompson: Tell me a bit about your family background.

Cooper: I've got a real close family--my mom, dad, and sister. That's one of the reasons I chose to go to Florida, because it's only two-and-a-half hours away from home. So whenever I need to get out of Gainesville and clear my mind, I can go home and see my family. We are real close and I can tell them anything. I love them.

Thompson: What are some of the topics that have come up as you've talked with NFL teams here in Mobile?

Cooper: Just basic questions--asking me about my family, asking the normal questions about injury history, my best games, worst games, what I am good at, what I'm not good at. Just basic questions to try and get to know me.

Thompson: Who are a couple of the teams that you've talked with so far?

Cooper: I've talked to Jacksonville, the Bears, the St. Louis Rams, the Panthers and the Chiefs. There are a couple of others and hopefully they like me.

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