Senior Bowl Q&A: WR Andre Roberts

Will Andre Roberts be the next high-impact slot receiver in the NFL? After watching his quick acceleration, nifty moves and precise route running in Mobile,'s Ed Thompson thinks he's got a good chance. Learn more about him in this exclusive interview.

Ed Thompson: This has to be a thrill for you, having the opportunity to work with all of these other talented players this week.

Andre Roberts: Definitely. After seeing these guys on TV every Saturday, and then being out here with them and playing with them, it is really fun.

Thompson: Is it more mind-blowing to be surrounded by that much talent all at once or to be working with an NFL coaching staff for the first time?

Roberts: I don't really think it's mind-blowing at all. The Miami Dolphins staff is great, and I'm loving it right now.

Thompson: Andre, I had a chance to meet your parents a little earlier today. I can tell from meeting them and now meeting you that you are a tight-knit family.

Roberts: Definitely. I love my parents to death.

Thompson: Do you have any siblings?

Roberts: Yes, I have an older brother and we are all tight.

Thompson: I was very impressed with your route running and the speed you come off the line with at the snap of the ball. You were making some great breaks and were leaving cornerbacks steps behind you.

Roberts: I take a lot of pride in my route running. With me being a shorter guy and being in the slot, that's something I do take a lot of pride in.

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Thompson: Talk about your versatility in the returns game and how you think you can help an NFL team right away.

Roberts: I think I will be able to help them out on kick return and punt return right away. Every rookie is on special teams, and that will be a big part of special teams for me. If I don't have that starting spot, I will be there on special teams.

Thompson: I think another good moment for you yesterday was when you tried to stretch out to make a tough catch on an overthrown ball, but Taylor Mays came over a put a big hit on you. But you popped right back up to your feet.

Roberts: I wanted him to know I'm a tough guy, and nothing can take me down like that.

Thompson: You had a one-on-one with him today and you tried a dip to the right, but he didn't buy it. So you juked right in front of him, he went flat foot, and you went by him to the outside and caught a nice pass for about 25 yards. That had to feel good.

Roberts: It did feel real good to get him back after yesterday. It's like that sometimes out here. Sometimes you have a good day, sometimes you have a bad day. Some plays are good for you, and some plays are bad. Everybody is going to win at least once out here.

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