Senior Bowl Q&A: QB Jarrett Brown

While Florida's Tim Tebow had the majority of the media huddled around him at the end of Wednesday's South Team practice,'s Ed Thompson focused his attention on the quarterback who was delivering the best results on the field during the practice sessions--West Virginia's Jarrett Brown.

Ed Thompson: Jarrett, I've been very impressed by your pocket presence this week.

Jarrett Brown: I've always had a knack for it. I was always a pure passer. Some people think I've always been a running quarterback, but I didn't get my speed until I got to college. I feel comfortable under the center and dropping back and just sitting in the pocket.

Thompson: You putting some zip on your passes and you look like you're getting your timing down with this all-star cast of receivers.

Brown: Yeah, you know that first day, my head was kind of spinning a bit. But now I'm getting to know the plays inside out and getting great anticipation on the routes. So I'm able to throw a nicer and more relaxed ball.

Thompson: As you're meeting with these NFL teams, what is it that you want them to know about you as a person?

Brown: I really just want them to know who I am, just the real me, Jarrett Brown.

Thompson: Tell me about your family and the role they've played in helping you get here today.

Brown: My family is everything, I wouldn't be here without my family. I'm the youngest in the family. I grew up in West Palm Beach and had all these great guys who pointed me in the right direction. I just didn't want to fail them.

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Thompson: I know that all the fans and the media are going nuts over Tim Tebow, but you've been the best quarterback out here so far this week. I like your poise, the energy level you're bringing to your team, and your execution.

Brown:  Thank you.

Thompson: Talk a bit about working with Pat White until he moved on to the Miami Dolphins last year. Have you talked to him at all about what you'll be experiencing in the coming months?

Brown: I haven't talked to him about the Senior Bowl, but I have talked to him about his experience with the Dolphins organization.  This is a great coaching staff. They kind of remind me of the West Virginia staff. They are great people, the kind of people I want to work with. Pat came back to school and started showing me some things. And sure enough, the coach here said something to me about one of those things, so it was great that Pat had already told me.

Thompson: I know you've met with plenty of NFL teams, but who are just a few of the ones you've talked to so far? I'm sure the fans back in West Virginia would like to hear about that.

Brown: Mostly all of them. I really appreciate the support from the West Virginia fans. They are showing me a lot of love on my Facebook page.

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