Senior Bowl Q&A: RB Ben Tate

Auburn's Ben Tate hopes scouts are noticing one very important thing about him as a running back while he practices for the Senior Bowl game. Find out which NFL teams have been talking to him--and what he wants them to know about him--through this exclusive interview with Ed Thompson.

Ed Thompson: What's this Senior Bowl experience been like?

Ben Tate: It's been a great experience to be able to come out here. I'm a competitor and I love to compete, so I'm enjoying the opportunity to compete against the best.

Thompson: How were these guys hitting out there today. You finally got full contact going.

Tate: It was no big deal for me. I like to hit, I like contact. It wasn't different from any other time.

Thompson: What are the skills that you possess that you're hoping the scouts will notice as they watch you this week?

Tate: I want them to see that I'm an all-around back. I can block, catch, run. I just want to be known as one of the best all-around backs in this draft class.

Thompson: During interviews, what do you want them to know about you as a person?

Tate: Just the good person that I am. I just go in and be myself because I think that will work out well for me. I'm a good person who doesn't get into trouble and who has good character.

Thompson: Who are some of the teams you've already met with this week?

Tate: The Patriots, Jaguars, Browns, and Chargers just to name a few.

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