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In this special series,'s NFL Draft Analyst Chris Steuber, host of Scout NFL Radio, will conduct interviews with some of the top prospects eligible for the 2010 NFL Draft. These interviews won't be aired during a regular broadcast, they will only be available to subscribers in the "Off Air" series. Listen to Steuber's exclusive interview with Minnesota WR Eric Decker inside.

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Below is a sampling of the questions that Steuber asked Decker during this exclusive interview that only subscribers can access.

Chris Steuber: How is your injury? Having torn ligaments in your left foot had to be a devastating injury for you last season. It was a season filled with a lot of promise and you got off to a great start and then the injury occurs. What went through your mind when it happened knowing that your season was likely over?

Eric Decker: It was a tough emotional roller coaster for me. After the injury happened towards the end of October, I wasn’t sure how severe it was. I had an MRI, CAT Scan and X-Ray to see what the severity was of the injury. Once I finally found out that it needed surgery, and it would end my college career, it was hard to take. You never want to go out that way, but things happen for a reason, and I believe that. I’m 12 weeks [removed from surgery] and I feel healthy. I’m getting better, and I’m definitely heading in the right direction now.

CS: Tell me about the injury and the surgery that was required. How long were you out, how long were you down, and when do you expect to resume football activity?

Decker: It was a Lisfranc sprain, which is a torn ligament between the first and second metatarsal. This injury is pretty unique, because for everyone it’s always a different case. But for me, I tore a ligament between the first and second metatarsal in my mid-foot and also on the outside of my first metatarsal. We had to go in and align my feet back up for the plate of my first metatarsal and put a screw in between my first and second metatarsal to hold it for stability, so the ligaments can bind back together. I went down to North Carolina with Dr. Robert Anderson, who’s a foot and ankle specialist in the NFL. I had the surgery and my timeline is around six – eight months. I’m going to have another surgery in about a month and a half to have the metal removed, and from there I will progress as my body takes it. I’ll probably be ready to go by May or June.

CS: So you probably won’t be able to work out in front of scouts before the draft occurs in April?

Decker: That’s correct. I’m going to go to the [Scouting] Combine and participate in the interviews, the testing; I’ll take a physical and do the 225-pound lift. I won’t do any ground work, as far as speed stuff like the 40, 5-10-5; even at my Pro Day, I won’t be able to do it. Hopefully I’ll put together enough tape to be evaluated, I think I have a good chance that way.

For the rest of the questions and answers in this exclusive interview between Steuber and Decker, listen to the audio provided above.

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