Prospect Profile: Anthony Davis's NFL Draft Analyst Chris Steuber profiles the top prospects eligible for the 2010 NFL Draft. Learn about Rutgers offensive tackle Anthony Davis inside.

Anthony Davis
School: Rutgers
Position: Offensive Tackle
Height: 6-6
Weight: 325
Projected 40-Time: 5.20

Star Rating: Grade: 94
Draft Projection: 1st Round

Star rating is based on a prospects standing (as of March 5th) in the 2010 Draft Rankings. A prospects grade is measured on the following scale:

85-100 = 1st - 2nd Round
_70-84 = 3rd - 4th Round
_55-69 = 5th - 6th Round
_40-54 = 7th Round - UDFA

Davis has the most upside of any OT in the draft, but he comes with plenty of concerns.
Rutgers Athletics

Strengths: Davis is an intriguing offensive tackle prospect who has prototypical size and tremendous upside. He’s quick off the snap, makes good adjustments and possesses a strong upper body. He has an excellent kick slide, delivers a devastating punch to defenders, stunts their progress and is able to knock them off their rush. He’s aware of his surroundings and picks up the blitz well. He has nimble feet, gets to the second level with ease and makes his presence known by attacking linebackers. He plays with a mean streak and could develop into an All Pro.

Weaknesses: He has a questionable work ethic, and conditioning has been a problem for him during his career. He has to improve his overall technique and learn to consistently bend his knees. He tends to lose focus and gets frustrated if things don’t go his way. He plays down to the level of competition and lacks motivation to play consistently down after down.

Steuber Says: A two-year starter at Rutgers, Davis has all of the attributes that you want in a left tackle. He’s big, athletic and can dominate the opposition at the line. But with all of Davis’ promise, the intangibles that he possesses are worrisome. Davis will face the same kind of questioning that Andre Smith dealt with last year during the draft process. Smith had a questionable work ethic and off the field issues that worried a lot of teams, but ultimately talent ruled out, and the Cincinnati Bengals selected him with the sixth overall pick. Davis will experience the same rollercoaster ride that Smith rolled through last year and will have to put up with similar criticisms before his name is called in the top 10 this April. Oddly enough, the dysfunctional Oakland Raiders, who own the 8th overall pick, are rumored to have the most interest in Davis. The Buffalo Bills (9th overall) and San Francisco 49ers (13th and 17th overall) are also interested.

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