NFL Draft Q&A: OT Selvish Capers

Making the transition from tight end to offensive tackle has paid off for West Virginia's Selvish Capers. Find out why he changed his position early in his college career, what he hopes to achieve at the NFL Combine, and much more in this exclusive interview with's Ed Thompson.

Selvish Capers answers additional questions in this two-minute audio clip exclusively for subscribers. The 6-foot-5, 304-pound offensive lineman talks about what he learned at the Senior Bowl, his somewhat unusual hobby off the field and more:

Ed Thompson: As you look back on your development as a player, what are some of the areas you believe you made the greatest strides in during your time at West Virginia?

Selvish Capers: My biggest stride was making that transition from tight end to the offensive line. It was a big adjustment, but I also had help from the other linemen, they helped me adjust to that situation and made it a whole lot easier than it could have been.

Thompson: What was the benefit to the team and/or you personally to making that change?

Capers: Because of the situation at the time it was a benefit both for the team and for myself--it evened out, I guess you could say. When we had Coach Rich Rodriguez, he wasn't known for throwing to his tight ends--he used a spread formation–-and at the time we needed more offensive linemen. So when coach Calvin Magee recruited me out of New Orleans, he insisted I take the opportunity and give offensive line a chance. At the time, I wasn't really happy, I didn't want to do it. But he got me to try it out to see how I would like it and I've been liking it ever since.

Thompson: What do you like most about it? And do you occasionally miss catching the football?

Capers: Yeah, I miss catching it. But at the same time, if it wasn't for that move I probably wouldn't be in the situation I'm in now.

Thompson: What skills do you have in your repertoire as an offensive lineman that you think will help you be successful at the next level?

Capers: I feel like I've been blessed with naturally great footwork. It's gotten me this far and I'm looking forward to it helping me to continue my career in football. At the same time, I feel like I have great hands. At certain times I use them a little more often, but I can bring that sort of package to the offensive line game.

Thompson: What are you looking to work on as you train for the Combine--and what are you hoping to achieve while you're there?

Capers: At the Combine, just showing NFL teams that I can move, I do have great footwork, and I would be an asset to their team. At the same time, I also feel it will be a great opportunity to show my personality.

Thompson: What is it you think they'll see in you as a person that's going to make them want to sign you to their roster?

Capers: That I'm a laid-back person who can get along with anybody, that I like to have fun, but I know when to take a situation seriously. I'm a hard worker, disciplined, and I'm looking forward to making my future team happy.

Thompson: How are you preparing mentally for the grueling stretch of workouts over the next few months?

Capers: I'm taking it all in. I'm training out here in Atlanta at WPI and enjoying it. It's a process you have to enjoy because a lot of people aren't given the same opportunity. I don't take it for granted. I love playing football, so the whole process is exciting for me.

Thompson: Does WPI have any former NFL linemen working with you to give you tips or advice?

Capers: Yes sir, Tony Jones.

Thompson: Are you hitting it off well with him?

Capers: Yes, he's a good coach, he knows a lot. He has the experience, and I feel very privileged to have him instructing me in this situation.

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