NFL Combine Questions: OT Charles Brown

Charles Brown fielded lots of questions from the media during his press conference on Thursday at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. Find out how many bench reps he hopes to put up, some of the teams he's talked to already, and much more in this subscribers feature.

One of the concerns of you playing tackle is your size. Where are you at right now with your size...?

I weighed in at 303 today, so I think I am pretty good.

How many sacks did you give up last year? When was the last time you gave up a sack?

"Zero (last year). Probably about Week 4 in my junior year (was the last time surrendering sack).

What teams have you talked to?

I talked to the Chargers yesterday. I talked to the Seahawks. I talked to the Colts, I talked to a lot of teams, about 12 teams.

What do you hope to accomplish here in Indianapolis?

I am hoping to do good on the bench, do real good on the O-line drills and leave a real good impression on all the coaches.

What will the team that drafts you get?

They will get a real good pass-protector.

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How did USC prepare you for the NFL?

It prepared me a lot because Coach Carroll had NFL experience and Coach Ruel had NFL experience and we ran an NFL-style offense. So I think I will be pretty prepared.

Did you miss a game at all during your college career?

No, I haven't missed a game.

How many bench reps are you looking for? Is that difficult for you going from being a tight end to gaining strength for offensive line?

I'm hoping for like 22. It's just my long arms that are probably working against me on the bench.

What do you need to work on?

I believe I do pretty well with my footwork in run-blocking and pass-blocking. But I need to improve my hands, speed and targeting on run-blocking and pass-blocking.

Being a former tight end, how will that help you move your feet at the NFL level?

It helped me out a lot. I used to do a lot of cone work in high school. So I was at an advantage above the other linemen when I first got there and I have been progressing since.

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