How much is Darelle Revis worth?

Revis wants to be paid like the best cornerback in the league, but so far he and his team are at an impasse. When will it end?

How much is the best cornerback in the NFL worth?

As usual, it depends on whom you talk to. Darrelle Revis has outplayed his contract with the New York Jets and believes he should be the highest-paid player at his position. The Jets, who reached out to Revis in the offseason with the intention of redoing his contract, aren't willing to meet his asking price.

This is how holdouts are created. But getting one side or the other to budge might not be so simple.

The Jets, according to, have made two offers to Revis – a long-term deal worth more than $100 million in maximum value and a shorter deal that would pay him less than $5.3 million this season. Revis' camp rejected both offers.

So what does Revis want? Presumably, he'd like to be paid more than the $15.1-million average annual salary that Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha gets. But virtually everyone in the league believes Asomugha's contract is out of whack – too much money for the position, courtesy of Al Davis.

Team owner Woody Johnson insisted the problem isn't one of cash but total compensation. He told the New York Daily News, "When you get to some of the details like the guaranteed money or the length of the contract -- all of those things that are a part of the contract -- but to get to the point where we haven't even negotiated that because we're so far apart on the other ones. I'd love to sit down and negotiate. We can be flexible."

To make this work, they'll have to be. With a new stadium opening in New Jersey this season (one they'll share with the Giants), the Jets certainly don't want a holdout distracting their training camp and preseason – and certainly not when they're talking about a long postseason run.

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