Octopus says Favre will retire

While everyone waits, the Vikings quarterback works in his yard. But some already have an opinion about his future -- and not all of them are human.

Since it's been at least two whole days since anyone has heard from Brett Favre, maybe it's time for an update.

Why not? The football world seems to tilt on Favre's indecision about his career. The mere rumor that he's going to retire is worthy of a blog explosion and TV specials, rivaled only by LaBron James' recent ratings-drawing announcement about taking his talents to South Beach.

So now we know. Favre will play for the Minnesota Vikings this season if he feels his ankle is healthy enough to allow him. Forget about all those supposed text messages he sent teammates.

Here's the latest bit of news: In Minnesota, an octopus living in a tank at the Mall of America has offered the prediction that Favre will hang ‘em up. Loki the Octopus had a choice between two kinds of food, and behind each of his choices was a picture of Favre – one with him in a Vikings uniform, the other with a red line drawn through his face. He picked retirement.

You may not hold much stock in such silliness, but don't forget about Paul, an octopus in Germany that correctly predicted all of Germany's World Cup matches and correctly chose Spain as the winner in the final.

Still, it's probably best that we all wait to hear the words directly from Favre. And so far, all we know is that he hasn't decided.

Last week, Steve Mariucci, his former QB coach in Green Bay, said football was the last thing on Favre's mind.

"You know what he was doing?" Mariucci told ESPN Radio. "He was working in his yard."

Good. That's when some people do their best thinking.

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