Is Revis willing to sit out the season?

The Jets cornerback remains unsigned, and he and the team seem to be telling different stories about their inability to reach agreement on a new deal. A long holdout seems likely.

HBO unveils its acclaimed reality series "Hard Knocks" tonight, and guess who won't be among the cast of characters?

While Rex Ryan, Mark Sanchez and the rest of the New York Jets cavort on the field and in the locker room, cornerback Darrelle Revis remains at home, unsigned and unhappy. And while it would have been reasonable to assume Revis would be signed by now, he is clearly nowhere close to joining his team.

If you want to know how far both sides have dug in, consider what Neil Schwartz, one of two agents who represents Revis, told on Monday.

"If you really want to know what's going on, look at what Darrelle said recently," Schwartz said, referring to Revis' comments to reporters during the team OTAs in June.

Here's what Revis said: "You sit here and you tell guys, ‘You're the best player in the league, you're our No. 1 priority,' and you're not showing loyalty in terms of keeping your core guys here and wanting to keep them here for the future."

Now fast-forward to Tuesday in an interview owner Woody Johnson gave to ESPN's "E:60." Johnson said, "I don't think he was promised anything, as far as I know."

Put that together with GM Mike Tannenbaum's statement last week that Revis has "outplayed his contract" and that the issue "needed to be addressed" and you have the makings of a drama that would make HBO executives drool.

If it sounds like an impasse is quickly developing, it is. Johnson even said the team had discussed the possibility of trading Revis, adding, "We haven't made that decision, but I doubt it."

Maybe the Jets didn't promise to make Revis the highest-paid corner in the league, which is what he's seeking, but they sure made it sound as if they were willing to negotiate. The sticking point is guaranteed money, and the Jets appear reluctant to give Revis too much of that.

As expected, Revis didn't report to training camp by midnight Tuesday, meaning he'll lose one year of accrued service toward free agency. And that's likely to make him one unhappy, unpaid player – all while he's being fined more than $16,000 a day. It also makes the likelihood of a seasonlong holdout a real possibility.

It's just too bad HBO doesn't have the cameras to capture all the craziness going on behind the scenes. We'll just have to be content watching teenage girls swoon at the sight of Sanchez.

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