Jared Allen wants an answer from Favre

Minnesota's Jared Allen says "out of fairness" to backup QB Tarvaris Jackson, Favre should make a decision about coming back by the third preseason game. Will Favre listen?

Everyone else has an opinion on Brett Favre, so maybe it's about time that some of his Minnesota Vikings teammates – assuming they'll be his teammates this season – have one, too.

Via ESPN's Chris Mortensen and Twitter, defensive end Jared Allen made it clear that he wants Favre to make up his mind about playing by the team's third preseason game.

"Allen wasn't mad, he didn't say Favre was selfish, he just said he believes team needs to know by 3rd pre game," Mortensen tweeted. Allen said he felt a decision was important "out of fairness to the team and (backup quarterback) Tarvaris Jackson."

In response to a question from a Twitter-head, Mortensen added, "Jared was not angry, just firm. Wants him back but wants to know for team sake."

Fair enough. And maybe Favre will be more inclined to offer an update after it was reported on several fronts Thursday that he flew to Pensacola, Fla., for a checkup with Dr. James Andrews, who performed surgery on Favre's ankle in the offseason.

Of course, no one expects Favre to be rushed into a decision, at least not based on his history. But it's also possible that Allen's declaration could seem reasonable enough that Favre might want to let all of us know what he's going to do.

We can only hope.

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