Shanahan, Haynesworth at odds again

Upset that he's still playing with backups, Albert Haynesworth lashes out at coach Mike Shanahan, saying his medical condition has been underplayed. And he says he won't be taking part in the Redskins' offseason program next year.

Just when you thought Mike Shanahan and Albert Haynesworth had reached détente in their unhappy marriage, now comes word that the war of the Washington Redskins is being pushed to a new level.

On one hand is Shanahan, the first-year Redskins coach who believes that Haynesworth must earn his way onto the first-team defense. On the other is Haynesworth, the reluctant nose tackle who voiced his anger Saturday night that he's still playing with scrubs and that the team has underplayed a serious medical condition he has.

Where will this end? Well, all we know is that Shanahan won't address Haynesworth until Monday during his usual post-practice session with the media – when this thing is certain to be ratcheted up one or two more degrees.

The schism between Shanny and Haynesworth continues to be an extension of Haynesworth's decision to pass on the Redskins' offseason conditioning program. Haynesworth missed practice several days last week, and Jason Reid of the Washington Post reports that he was told it was a result of a condition called rhabdomyolysis, which causes a rapid breakdown of skeletal muscle because of injury to muscle tissue. Symptoms include dizziness, nausea, vomiting and muscle swelling, with possible kidney damage being a long-term result.

Last week, Shanahan told the media that Haynesworth "was just sick," then amended that diagnosis to say the player was suffering from dehydration. Later, he said Haynesworth's problem was "more of a headache than anything else."

After the ‘Skins lost to the Baltimore Ravens 23-3 Saturday night, Haynesworth said he was suffering from something worse than his coach had explained. But he wouldn't say exactly what it was.

"You'll have to ask them, but I guess they'll tell you ‘headaches' again," he said. "It was part of it, but it wasn't all of it. They left out a whole lot of stuff."

As if to emphasize his defiance with the team, Haynesworth also said he believes the Redskins are minimizing his condition "to make me look bad for not going to their offseason conditioning program. But, I mean, next year I'm not coming either. I'll be on my trainer again, and I'll get back in the same shape I'm in, and feel good about myself."

You can bet Shanahan will have something to say about that on Monday. It's also worth noting that Zack Bolno, the team's executive director of communications the past two seasons, abruptly resigned. If you're wondering if Bolno's exit is somehow tied to the Shanny-Haynesworth fiasco, you're not alone.

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