All quiet on the Haynesworth front

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan meets with Albert Haynesworth on Monday but won't discuss what was said -- or not said. Even so, the coach has the last word, at least until someone else speaks.

Just when we thought there might be a sonic boom of proclamations coming from the Washington Redskins camp, it turned out to be relatively quiet Monday.

Coach Mike Shanahan spoke to down-and-out defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth but declined to offer details. Nor would he address Haynesworth's claim that the Redskins are downplaying an illness he has that caused him to miss two full practices last week.

In fact, the biggest news coming out of Ashburn, Va., was the team's signing of safety Tyrone Carter to replace Kareem Moore, who could be out 4-6 weeks with a knee injury. Otherwise, there was hardly a peep of discontent.

According to Jason Reid's blog in the Washington Post, here's what Shanahan said about his talk with Haynesworth: "I had a conversation with Albert. I don't discuss that for obvious reasons. And if you guys want to talk about football, we'll talk about football. But (to) keep on talking about things outside of football is completely ridiculous. But I did have a conversation with him, like I said."

It's not like Shanny didn't get in the last word on this topic. On Sunday, speaking with AOL Fanhouse, he drew a line in the sand.

"One thing for sure that is clear to me is that Albert has gotten away in the past with playing without practicing," he said. "That will not happen under this regime. If he's going to play, he's going to practice, and that is the same with every player here. The days of him playing without practicing are over. And that, to me, says it all."

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