News on Revis? Not this week

Although two news outlets reported there would be a deal between Darrelle Revis and the Jets by Wednesday, nothing happened. Don't look for anything soon.

No matter how you feel about the New York Jets, you've got to admit they're compelling TV. As the slow drama unfolds between cornerback Darrelle Revis and Jets management – will he or won't he sign? – the HBO show "Hard Knocks" keeps viewers enthralled with the day-to-day workings of a franchise in search of the best 53 players on its roster.

If memory serves, none the three episodes aired so far has avoided mention of Revis. Sometimes, his name is mentioned in passing; sometimes, it's done with humor, as in players asking a magician to make Revis appear during a rookie comedy show for coaches and veterans.

The fact is, there's nothing new to report. Two respected news outlets, the Dallas Morning News and AOL Fanhouse, said Revis and the Jets would have a deal done by Wednesday. When Wednesday came and went, Tim Cowlishaw, the Morning News columnist who was first to create the Revis frenzy, offered his version of "Oops! I got it wrong."

Here's what he wrote:

"'Revis and Jets announce new deal probably Wednesday. You heard it here first. Inside information!'

"If I could take those 15 words I sent out into the Twitter world Sunday afternoon, if I could take a do-over on the matter of Darrelle Revis and the New York Jets, I would type:

"'I think Revis and Jets get contract done sooner rather than later -- probably this week, maybe even Wednesday.'"

The key words there are "I think," Cowlishaw wrote. While they would not pin him down and make him look like someone with guaranteed information, they would at least have given him an out – which he clearly needed.

This is what we know: Nothing is happening between the Jets and Revis. Even team owner Woody Johnson confirmed this Wednesday when he told NFL Network, "Things remain status quo."

Which is where they still stand. At least until the next rumor.

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