Texans show an interest in Matt Leinart

Quarterback Matt Leinart is still unemployed, but he may find an interested team in Houston. Funny thing is, his best chance to start might have been in Arizona.

As a new week dawns, Matt Leinart is still without a job. His prospects may look a bit better than they did last week, when no team showed much interest in a trade with the Arizona Cardinals, but the truth is that Leinart isn't going to get what he wants – a No. 1 quarterback job in the NFL.

The Houston Chronicle reported Sunday that the Houston Texans may have an interest in signing Leinart, who was among the Cardinals' roster cuts on Saturday, but he has no real hope of beating out established starter Matt Schaub. And had he signed with any of the other teams rumored to have an interest – the Cincinnati Bengals, New Orleans Saints, Seattle Seahawks, Jacksonville Jaguars and Oakland Raiders – he would not have unseated any of their starters, either.

In fact, Leinart's best option was probably in Arizona. Even with Derek Anderson having been designated the starter by coach Ken Whisenhunt, it's likely – even probable – that arrangement would last only until Anderson resorted to the kind of play that got him jettisoned from the Cleveland Browns last season.

Let's face it, Anderson is a short-term answer no matter where he plays. He couldn't beat out Brady Quinn in Cleveland, throwing more interceptions (10) than touchdowns (3) last season in seven starts, and he isn't likely to do much better in Arizona. With a little patience, Leinart might have gotten his chance in the desert.

If the Houston rumors are true, at least Leinart will have a chance to become Schaub's No. 2. Dan Orlovsky is currently the backup, and Schaub is not known to be particularly durable.

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