Bill O'Brien's Statement

Today at the Houston Texans post practice press conference Head Coach Bill O'Brien made a statement on offensive tackle David Quessenberry.

"I just wanted to make a quick statement on David Quessenberry. Over the last few days we learned of David Quessenberry's diagnosis with lymphoma. We just want everyone to know, most especially David Quessenberry and his family, that we are very much in his corner. One thing that stood out to me personally and our coaching staff, we've been over there to visit him, is what an impressive young man this guy is. He is a guy that wanted his team to know right away; his teammates to know that he was going to fight this thing and he was going to beat it. We're all behind him. We know that he is going to do that. He is at the best medical facility, cancer facility, for what he has over there at MD Anderson, and they've been great with him. Just again, from our staff and our team to David and his family, we're all in his corner. We look forward to the day that he beats it and returns to the Houston Texans."

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