C.J. Fiedorowicz Getting Acclimated

Rookie tight end C.J. Fiedorowicz took time to talk about his first day of the 2014 training camp with the Houston Texans at the Methodist Training Center.

The first day of training camp was wrapping up with Houston Texans players trying to overcome a day filled with an intense opening day and the Texas heat. Rookie tight end C.J. Fiedorowicz headed to the ice bath right after practice to cool down as quick as he could from a two plus hour practice in the heat.

The 6-5 and 265 lbs. tight end out of Iowa put together a solid practice despite the curtain being unveiled on a new season for the Texans on the horizon. The rookies had a couple of days head start to camp by arriving days before the veterans reported in order to help get the group acclimated to training camp life.

“I thought it was pretty solid.” Fiedorowicz said of his first day, “Rookies got a head start last week. Kinda learned some of the playbook and got used to how things are run around here. For the most part, I think the offense did well.”

The temperature was up and so was the expectations of Head Coach Bill O’Brien and his staff compared to the atmosphere presented to them during offseason workouts.

“You could definitely feel that a game is approaching. There is a lot more I wouldn’t say pressure, but he is on us a lot more. He is honest a little bit more and not taking things lightly when someone messes up. We have a game in about two weeks here and those things cannot be taken lightly, which is a good thing.”

The heat took it’s toll on the team sending at least 6 players to get IVs on a day that saw temperatures climb up to 94 degrees with humidity mixed in. Fiedorowicz took note of how the weather affected practice,

“I came from the Mid-West so I am not really used to the humidity. It is something that I have to get used to if I am going to be here.” Fiedorowicz continued, It is going to take time, but it's something I have to do to get on the field.”

Despite this being his first training camp, Fiedorowicz is using all of his avenues to become a better player. He takes what his position coach John Perry says and he has also paid attention to what veterans on the team are telling him.

“I listen to the older guys. They tell me to stay in the playbook and know as much as you can. Be a guy who can play multiple roles and I am going to see the field.”

When asked if he is going to be one of those guys, the rookie said, “I am working towards that for sure.”

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