Texans Cut Three To Get to 75

The league mandated 75 man roster by the Houston Texans was finalized on Tuesday.

The Houston Texans made their last three cuts to get down to the league mandated 75 man roster on Tuesday afternoon.

The Texans waived/injured outside linebacker Paul Hazel and wide receiver Anthony McClung. Also, the team released offensive lineman Conor Boffeli to get to the 75 man roster.

The following players have been released:

Joe Adams, WR

Alec Lemon, WR

David Hunter, NT

Austin Brown, DT

Lawrence Sidbury, OLB

Terrance Lloyd, OLB

Junior Mertile, CB

William Powell, RB

Sam Longo, OL

Paul Hazel, OLB

Anthony McClung, WR

Conor Boffeli, OG

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