Texans Quarterback Situation In Limbo Heading to Sunday

The Houston Texans will take their time to make sure they have the right quarterback on Sunday.

Will it be Brian Hoyer or Brandon Weeden on Sunday against the Tennessee Titans? This is the question facing the organization and its fans as the week progresses. Hoyer returned to practice on Wednesday but was still in the concussion protocol. The Texans starting quarterback is putting his faith into the team’s medical staff’s best judgment on playing once he is medically cleared. 

““I’m looking forward to it,” said Hoyer of possibly playing on Sunday. “Really it’s up to the doctors and I have a great group of people here, (director of sports medicine/head athletic trainer Geoff Kaplan) Kap and his staff, the doctors, (head coach) Billy (O’Brien), (executive vice president of football operations and general manager) Rick Smith, they’ve all been great with it and I trust those guys. I know they’ll do what’s best for me."

Hoyer has suffered two concussions in a month and Bill O’Brien is in wait-and-see mode on who will be running the offense in an important game which could affect the 2015 playoff future for the Texans. 

“I think as we go through the week, we will determine that,” explained O’Brien. “Some of that has to do with Brian Hoyer and his ability to be cleared. He was in practice today, so he took reps in practice and those things.”

He continued, “Where we are at right now, we are still working through all of those things.”

Backup Brandon Weeden is feeling comfortable in his role with the team and getting used to the offensive players around him. After completing 61.1%of his passes for 105 yards and leading 4 of 6 drives to offensive points last week against the Colts, Weeden is settling into his position. 

“I mean, just from a comfort level with the guys around me, now that they have actually heard me call a play in the huddle, it doesn’t sound different for them," said Weeden. “We got a feel for each other and now it is just seeing where we are at moving forward.”

One piece of the puzzle that is still trying to be figured out is the addition of B.J. Daniels to the quarterback room. O’Brien likes what Daniels is bringing to the team early with his work ethic and practice habits. 

“Right away he has come in here and gone to work and that is something that has impressed me right away in the first couple of days,” said O’Brien of Daniels. 

The Texans are trying to feed Daniels offensive information and see how much he can remember as the week goes on. 

“He’s adapting,” said offensive coordinator George Godsey regarding Daniels. “Today was the first day he’s really met a bunch of the players and learned the cadence, learned the general offense and start the basics and kind of work our way up from there. Try to see how much he can digest and just really take it day-to-day and by the end of the week, have an idea if he’s in there, what he can execute.”

The question of who will be the starter for Sunday remains but with the way things are going, if Hoyer can be cleared from the concussion protocol, he, Weeden and Daniels should all be expected to be active on Sunday. 

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