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Brandon Weeden Looking Forward to Jerry Jones Watching the Playoffs from His Couch

Brandon Weeden doesn't hide behind the fact that it will be good to see the Dallas Cowboys sitting at home this post season.

Brandon Weeden is a changed man and he made it known on the 107.7, The Franchise, out of Oklahoma. Weeden made his feelings clear on his weekly call with his hometown radio station, talking about his new team, DeAndre Hopkins, his Christmas, and how the Texans locker room has his back.

Weeden has not hidden his disapproval for the way things went down when the Dallas Cowboys released him and he did not mince words when asked about Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones. 

Weeden was asked,

"Will it be extra satisfying because of what Jerry said to see the Cowboys completely just turn into a dumpster fire if you're in the playoffs?"

Weeden's replied:

"I mean yeah, absolutely. ... We get to play extra football and he'll be watching on his couch. I mean, that is what it is all about. We are playing for something and it is a fun time of the year.”

In the past two games for the Texans, Weeden has been efficient as a passer for the offense, appearing in two games and completing 61.2% of his passes for 305 yards and 3 touchdowns, while rushing for another. 

You can hear the entire interview with Weeden here, with Steely, Jessi, Rohde and Kelly of 107.7, The Franchise. HERE 

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