Texans Control Their AFC South Destiny

The Houston Texans enter week 17 with the AFC South Championship for their for the taking.

The Houston Texans will have to wait until week 17 until they get a complete picture of their playoff hopes. The Texans are one win away from looking up the AFC South title with a win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

The Texans can only get into the playoffs by winning the AFC South and the Indianapolis Colts are the only team that pose a threat to take over the Texans playoff hopes. 

The Texans can clinch the AFC South with:

1) CIN Week 16 win OR

2) Win OR

3) IND loss OR

4) Clinch strength of victory over IND (Need 1 of the following: CIN win, NYJ win, NO win, DEN loss, MIA loss) OR

5) Clinch strength of schedule over IND (KC win + PIT loss)

The Colts clinch the AFC South with: 

1) Win + HOU loss + CIN loses last 2 games + DEN wins last 2 games + NYJ loss + NO loss + KC loss + MIA win + PIT win

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