J.J. Watt Dominates Against the Jaguars Without His Cast

It was a game to remember for J.J. Watt against the Jacksonville Jaguars and he proved two good hands are better than one.

It is pretty clear that J.J. Watt capped off another great season but he was slowed the last quarter of the season due to breaking his hand in practice. Watt played three games with his cast on then came out against the Jacksonville Jagaurs with just a well padded glove and took over on Sunday. 

How well?


“It was beautiful." said Watt being able to use both hands. "I think for a little while there, people started to forget so today was a reminder of what it is like when I have both hands and it felt great and it’s a credit to our doctors. I mean it has only really been three weeks since it happened so it’s a credit to our doctors, our trainers, everybody for helping me to get back healthy and I just really enjoyed being able to play.”


The hand is not totally healed according to Watt and the healing is further along that the team anticpated.  "I think that is why I am out of the club so early and like I said I think it is a credit to our trainers.” expalined Watt. 

Watt has showed that he is worthy to be an option once again for the NFL Defensive Player of the Year honors while racking up 76 total tackles, 17.5 sacks, 29 tackles for loss, 50 quarterback hits, eight passed defensed, three forced fumbles and one fumble recovery. 

His 17.5 sacks this season tied him with the late great Reggie White as the only other player to notch three 15-sack seasons in their first five seasons in the NFL. 

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