Duane Brown Lost for the Season With a Torn Quad

Duane Brown was lost for the season after tearing his quad against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

After a ferocious collision on the field Sunday, veteran Texans offensive lineman Duane Brown went down in the first half while blocking for an Alfred Blue run. When he was unable to get off the field on his own strength, the entire stadium went quiet while dozens of his teammates and even many Jaguars players gathered around him, wishing Brown well and demonstrating the respect he has culminated throughout his years in the league. 

“I knew when I tried to get up and walk and it was just dead, so I knew something was wrong, wasn’t quite sure what, but yeah,” said Brown in the locker room post game, standing on crutches. Initially believed to be a knee injury, Brown was carted off with an air cast on his right leg. The problem was later diagnosed as a torn tendon in his right quad, which will land the All-Pro left tackle on the injured reserve list as the Texans head into the playoffs. 

“I give everything to this game man, I give everything, my heart, my soul, my being to this game, to this organization, to this team and I find a lot of joy being out there with my guys every Sunday. Being sidelined for any amount of time, is devastating for me. This is the most serious injury I have had in my pro career. With all of those thoughts flowing, it was emotional for me. I appreciate my teammates coming to show support. I appreciate the fans, the Jaguars, some of them came over there and showed some love, but it is part of the game, so I’ll bounce back.”

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