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David Quessenberry Is Teaching Blocking Schemes At Dinner With Food

Everyone is chipping in to get this win over the Kansas City Chiefs. David Quessenberry is getting to work teaching offensive schemes at the dinner table in preparation for this weekends playoff game.

Everyone needs to chip in for the Houston Texans to pull off the win against the Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday. The Texans go to positional dinners and the offensive line is no excpetion.

How important is the game?

Offensive lineman David Quessenberry is hard at work teaching newly signed offensive tackle Andrew McDonald plays at the dinner table with? Lemons and limes representing the offensive line and green beans representing the Chiefs defense to work on pass protection schemes.

T.J. Yates snapped the offensive coaching session at the dinner table and shows that football continues to be the task at hand and at the forefront of the team's minds.

T.J. Yates Twitter Account

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