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Houston Texans Playoff X-Factor: Akeem Hunt Growing Within the Offense

A Houston Texans playoff X-Factor, Akeem Hunt.

In a November signing which few realized would bring one of the most important pieces for the Houston Texans offense come the playoffs, running back Akeem Hunt made his way onto the Texans roster. The Texans had been keeping a close eye on the speedy back out of Purdue since the draft and were able to pick him up after he spent time with the New York Giants and Baltimore Ravens.

Hunt's season started off slowly with a few chances on with the football but that all has progressed to a week 17 performance which saw Hunt average 13.8 yards per touch against the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

Hunt is doing what he has to do in order to make a difference for the offense. That begins with a work ethic which does not stop when he gets home. He maintains that his focus day in and day out has put him in the position he is in now.

“Just being focused,” said Hunt of his late season success. “Coming in here to work day in and day out.” 

Hunt went back to the old school way of getting to learning the Texans offense. He did not solely concentrate on the team issued iPad but went with old-fashioned flash cards of formations and plays.

“When I go home, notecards and flash cards have been my best friend this year. Just learning different formations and plays, that is how I am taking it in,” explained Hunt.

“My job never stops when I get home. I will take a little occasionally study break and dance. That is what I like to do,” Hunt finished, with a smile. 

Hunt’s NFL career has only spanned seven games and he is now closing in on his first career playoff game. He is leaning on the likes of veterans of Nate Washington and Chris Polk, who have playoff experience.

“I have talked to them a lot,” he elaborated. “We are a good place where we can control our own destiny.” 

Hunt has grown more comfortable role with the offense and it is showing on the field with his playing speed. 

“There is a thing called preseason speed, where everybody is getting adapted to the plan,” explained Hunt. “Then there is a regular season speed and playoff speed that is when everybody knows their job and what to do then react and playing fast. That is the mode I am in and I am going out there and knowing my assignments and I am reading the defense and doing what I need to do.”

Hunt gives the Texans big play capability and he creates a new threat for the Texans. The Kansas City Chiefs are going to have to alter the plan they used in their week one victory over the Texans to minimize the damage. 

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