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No Matter Who is Here for the Texans, Tom Savage Wants More in 2016

Houston Texans quarterback Tom Savage want more for the upcoming season.

The offseason will focus on quarterback position and who the Houston Texans will have to draft to help stop the carousel at the position. One name that has been lost in the shuffle is that of quarterback Tom Savage who was placed on the injured reserve with a shoulder injury he suffered in the in the final preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys. 

Savage realized this was a tough season to sit back and watch, especially knowing he could have had his chance on the field if he did not end up injured. 

“Every night, every night,” said Savage on thinking about being on the field with the constant changes at quarterback. “It was tough, but that is a really tough spot to be in as a coach when you have that awkward timing for an injury like that." 

The Texans opted to place Savage on season-ending injured reserve, a move that was questioned even more with the quarterback situation in flux. Savage ended up being fully recovered by the end of the first half of the season and started throwing on his own, although he was unable to participate in team activities on the field during practice due to league rules.

When asked if he is coming back next offseason to win the starting job, Savage answered: 


His mindset has changed from learning the system to winning the starting spot when the 2016 season arrives. The idea of a drafting a quarterback does not deter Savage from his goal of landing the starting job. 

“They can draft 12 quarterbacks. I am going to be ready to go,” said Savage. “I am definitely excited about competing and that still falls under the category of controlling what I can control. I am not up there. I don’t make those decisions, so all I can do is be ready to compete.”

Savage’s mentality has changed from worrying about what he is doing on the field to understanding what his personnel has to do with routes and setting up his offensive lineman for pass protection. This came from sitting and taking notes in quarterback meetings and now his time is coming again. 

“Very eager. Definitely excited. It is a bittersweet thing that it ended, but now I am ready to go,” said Savage. 

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