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The Clock Strikes Zero: The Houston Texans Offseason and Evaluations Begin

The Houston Texans are now in off-season mode and now evaluating the 2015 season and what needs to be done.

After the clock struck zero, the Houston Texans headed straight into team evaluation mode and refocused on the direction in which they are headed as a franchise. Coach Bill O’Brien and executive VP/general manager Rick Smith will start evaluating the personnel, scheme, and everything in between. 

O’Brien anticipates working with Smith this offseason despite rumors of a possible change at the general manager position which have circulated over the past month. 

“You know, at this point right now I think everything’s being evaluated. We’ll take a look at everything,” said O’Brien in his final press conference of the season. 

O’Brien discussed the vision of the team and how he and Smith are on the same page for the future. 

“We have a good relationship. We meet every day. We text, we talk, we meet, and I think as far as the vision that we have for our team, that’s something that may change year to year, really,” explained O’Brien of his relationship with Smith. 

There are clear deficiencies with the team, especially on offense at key skill positions. O’Brien is clear that the vision of the Texans is still headed in the right direction and that collaborative decision makers are on the same page. 

“May be something where look, we got to improve in these areas so the vision kind of changes sometimes. It’s not always the same thing, so that’s what these days and weeks and months are about here,” said O’Brien. 

O’Brien detailed the necessary tasks in the upcoming weeks for the Texans as the staff prepares for a fast and furious off season.

“One of the things that we’ll do, just to give you an idea, is our coaching staff will sit down now and evaluate the season, personnel, scheme, situations, all the different things that go in, and then Rick’s guys are sitting down and evaluating, they’ve been doing it all year, evaluating our team and hopefully we can all come together and kind of, hey put the evaluations on the table and come up with what we need for next year to be better.”

Let the offseason begin. 

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